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Crackdown in Prisons begins as raids are conducted for illegal phones in jails

ECONOMYNEXT- The Prisons Department is carrying out the directive of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to eliminate corruption and prevent further criminal activity inside the Prisons its chief said yesterday.

The Commissioner-General of Prisons Thushara Upuldeniya told reporters that he has appointed a Prison Intelligence Unit which will receive complaints regarding prisoners, detainees and officers of the department.

The general public will be able to make their complaints anonymously through contact number 0112678600 he said.

He went on to say that the department is currently installing CCTV cameras in prisons in stages due to the allocations available with the intention of covering all the prisons in the country.

Moreover, he said that plans have being made to install mobile phone jamming systems in prisons which are considered to be of high risk.

The department has made these decisions following the discovery of mobile phones, SIM cards and luxury utilities such as a fridge and a microwave oven from the Negombo prisons through raids conducted in recent weeks.

Apart from those main raids, Upuldeniya said that he had informed all the prisons to carry out raids in their respective prisons to identify such illegal items.

Further, he said that the Prison Superintendents who are in charge of the prisons from which these illegal items were found through other raids has being transferred at the moment as they are the ones who need to approve to bring those items into the prison.

He also said that the CID is carrying out an investigation about those items found from the prisons and the Prison Department is also carrying out an internal investigation about the officers.

He said that 3 officials of the Prison Department are interdicted due to involvement in corruption since his appointment. (Colombo/June17/2020)





Reported by Imesh Ranasinghe



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