Crackdown on loud bus horns

From Monday Police throughout the country are expected to take action against sound pollution according to a directive issued by president Mathripala Sirisena.

At a meeting chaired by the President on Friday which discussed noise pollution it was decided to strictly enforce existing regulations to punish bus drivers using horns which exceed the legal 105 decibel limit.

The Presidential Secretariat said that 22 organisations had participated in the meeting including representatives of Private Bus Owners it was agreed that police crack down on musical horns and other loud equipment.

These regulations have been existing since 2013 although they are seldom enforced. However at Friday’s meeting Motor Traffic Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Ajith Rohana was instructed to inform all police stations in the country to implement these regulations.

It is common to see and hear private buses trying to out do each other with dueling musical horns. YourTube is replete with these duels.

Both short and long term plans to control noise pollution which is a part of environmental pollution were discussed at the meeting.

In addition, a proposal to declare a ‘Silent Day’ with the cooperation of school students, bus drivers and passengers was also discussed at the meeting.

‘Protect Sri Lanka’ Chairman Ven. Pahiyangala Ananda Thera and representatives of 22 institutions including the Central Environmental Authority, Road Passenger Transport Authority and the National Transport Commission participated in the meeting, the release said..

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