Demand for ‘green skills’ growing in Sri Lanka energy sector

ECONOMYNEXT – With Sri Lanka’s emphasis on increasing reliance on renewable energy, demand for ‘green skills’ in the sector is growing and needs to be met, a new study says.

“Growth in energy, especially in renewable energy, is expected to generate high levels of employment requiring green skills,” the report by the The Asian Development Bank said.

Sri Lanka’s government has set a target of generating 20% of electricity through renewable sources by 2020, mainly wind, as there are strong monsoon corridors in the country.

As a consequence, the demand for training is increasing with regard to the manufacturing of small turbines, and assembly and installation of large turbines and high-voltage connections to the grid, the report said.

Solar energy skills are needed in various areas such as installation and maintenance, though the sector is still emerging, the ADB report on the greening of economies in Asia said.

“At a higher skills level, energy companies require sustainable product development specialists, environmental managers to oversee project site development, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) auditors, and site environmental officers to maintain standards and compliance.”
(COLOMBO, December 12, 2017)

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