Depression can make you more vulnerable to Covid – Psychiatrist Prof Sumathipala

ECONOMYNEXT- Mentally depressed people have a higher chance of catching infections including Covid 19 says Professor of Psychiatry at Faculty of Health Keele University in the United Kingdom Prof Athula Sumathipala.

In a Television interview yesterday November 2, Sumathipala said this is because immunity to disease drops along with mental health.

Sumathipala who is also the Chairman of National Institute of Fundamental Studies said that fight against COVID-19 is a global war against an invisible virus.

“If we are mentally down, then it is not only the morale that is going down but also the immunity in our body,” he said.

“What we should do is not to kneel down before the virus and give up but accept the situation that we would have to live with it for another 2 years and change certain things in our lives and be ready to bear the shortcomings,” Prof Sumathipala added.

In order to do that he said that the social concentration should be increased, he also added that even the phrase social distancing is very wrong and that it should be changed to personal distancing.

Moreover, he said that people should not believe in false myths as Sri Lanka or any country completely eradicate the disease and says there are zero level of COVID cases.

“Zeroing cases is a wrong target, what we can do is to limit the level of infections,” he added.

He also said that there could be more COVID-19 waves in the future and added that the only thing that can be done as a country is to minimize the impact on the socio-economic life by limiting those waves.

Further, he said that the current debate in the society whether there is a community spread or not is not important to the people as the measures taken whether there is a community spread or not have no differences.





“It is the health department that should debate on whether there is a community spread or not,” he said. (Colombo November 3, 2020)

Reported by Imesh Ranasinghe

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