Digital opinion leaders new focus of Sri Lanka global tea marketing campaign

ECONOMYNEXT – A new global Ceylon tea marketing campaign will have a new focus – targeting digital or online key opinion leaders, known as KOLs, like bloggers, Sri Lanka Tea Board chairman Lucille Wijewardena said.

The government’s global campaign is being done as a generic campaign, promoting Ceylon tea, and not as a brand campaign, he told a news conference.
“But a big difference from past promotions is that, since the new trend is digital, we will be targeting KOLs – key opinion leaders – like bloggers, on social networks like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube,” Wijewardena said.

“They influence the habits of people – they have become (almost like) gods with large followings. We will search for them and identify them and do campaigns through them.”

But in some, the Ceylon tea promotion campaign will stick to traditional methods like the print and electronic media.

The campaign will be in 12 countries with the first being Japan, Russia and China, Wijewardena said.

One aim of the global campaign is to strengthen the linkage between the Ceylon tea brand name and Sri Lanka, as there was some confusion among people about the tea’s origins or identity.

The Tea Board will allocate 4.5 billion rupees for promotional funding for the generic campaign.

Consumers are known to be gravitating towards ‘Key Opinion Leaders’ in efforts to avoid traditional methods of mass media advertising, which can be intrusive and excessive.

KOLs are seen as more relevant and trustworthy, given their ability to communicate in more engaging and authentic ways with their audiences, sharing their thoughts on products and services they use.
 (Colombo/February 14/2019-SB)





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