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Disenfranchised; voters complain they are off the list

Dozens of people in the Colombo District have been taking to Social Media to complain that although they sent their forms in at the right time, they do not appear on the electoral list and have not received their polling cards.

These complaints are not unusual at any election period, but some of these complainants say they did submit their names and still have not been registered.

Editor’s note: If anyone reading this has had this experience, please send the details to republicnextdotcom.com and/or to [email protected]

One complainant alleges that the names of some members of this family had been crossed out of the list.

The view of the Elections Commission is that voters are expected to check with their local election offices or online at elections.gov.lk in the window provided which was in mid-July this year.

It is too close to the Presidential elections for any rectification to be done at present, but citizens can take action to avoid such lapses.

One such complainant is Shewantha Rodrigo who says he saw documents at the Colombo District Elections office where the names of several members of his family had been crossed out of the list.

Rodrigo told RepublicNext says that his name, and the names of his wife, Savithri Rodrigo, mother-in-law Dorothy Nalini Melinda Rodrigo and brother in law Chithalka Ambrose have been crossed out after they were written in the lists.  “I saw a number of names from other families also crowed out,” he claimed.

The names of his two children, however remained on the list and they are eligible to vote, he said.

Rodrigo says he was questioned by officials as to whether he was resident elsewhere, which he denies.





“I am surprised that a Grama Sevaka has the power to cross out these names,” he said.

There are many others in a similar situation who have lost their opportunity to vote.

Manjula Gajanayake of the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence says such instances need to be investigated. CMEV will start a probe in this instance he said.

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