DNA tests confirm identities of all Easter bombers including Zahran’s – Police

The DNA test report compiled by the Government Analyst’s Department has confirmed the identities of all the suicide bombers that carried out the Easter Sunday attacks including that of suspected mastermind Zahran Hisham’s, police said.

The authorities had previously expressed some uncertainty over the demise of Hashim in the bombing at the Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo.

This doubt was resolved when DNA samples of Hashim were compared with samples of his daughter who was rescued at the Sainthamarudu blast site, Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara told journalists yesterday (21). The samples turned out to be a match, he said.

DNA samples from the two brothers who attacked the Shangri-La hotel and the Cinnamon Grand hotel, Mohamed Ibrahim Ilham Ahamed and Mohamed Ibrahim Inshaf Ahamed, meanwhile, have been matched with their father Ibrahim. Ilham Ahamed bombed the Shangri-La hotel along with Mohamed Cassim Mohamed Zahran while Inshaf Ahamed attacked the Cinnamon Grand hotel.

The DNA samples of the bomber of the Katuwapitya church, Achchu Mohammadu Mohammadu Hasthun matches with the DNA samples of his parents.

The DNA of Alaudeen Ahamed Muath, the bomber of the Kochchikade church, was matched with his parents’, said Gunasekara.

Batticaloa Zion church bomber Mohamed Nazar Mohamed Asath’s DNA samples were compared with those of his mother.

Kingsbury bomber Mohamed Assam Mohamed Mubarak’s DNA, meanwhile, was matched with the DNA of his wife and child.

The DNA of Dehiwala Tropical Inn bomber Abdul Lathief Jameel Mohamed was tested against the DNA of his wife and children.

The report was to be delivered to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), yesterday (21). It would then be forwarded to the courts, said Gunesekara.





He further said that the two blasts at Dematagoda were carried out by the wife of Shangri-La bomber Ilham Mohamed, Mohamed Fathima Jifri and the three children killed in the attack have been identified as the children of Ilham and Fathima.

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