Don’t hang the narcotics offenders – EU

The European Union is calling on Sri Lanka not to lift its decades-long moratorium on the death penalty.

This is the second time the EU has publicly tried to persuade the country not to resume executions.

As part of his tough stand on combating drugs President Maithripala Sirisena has vowed to hang drug lords who continue to do business from behind prison walls.

The EU says this doesn’t have to happen.

The statement agreed that fighting the drug menace is challenging “ the evidence does not support the argument that the death penalty is an effective deterrent”

It added that the EU is “ ready to share our experiences in addressing the threat posed by drugs.”

“More than two-thirds of countries around the world, with a variety of legal systems, traditions, cultures and religious backgrounds, have either abolished the death penalty or do not practise it” the EU noted.

“The death penalty is an unacceptable denial of human dignity and integrity” it added.

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