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Don’t panic the cooking gas is here – Govt.

The cooking gas shortage should end in a few days and consumers should not panic, the government said today.

A ship carrying 3,600 metric tons of gas docked at Colombo on Saturday, and another vessel with a similar payload is due to arrive tomorrow the Finance Ministry said in a press release issued today Nov 4. On Saturday another shipment is due, the release said.

At the same time, under the emergency purchase, placed under the ordinary procurement procedure, 6,000 metric tons of gas will reach the country next week.

Accordingly, the gas shortage that was created due to the short supply of gas by a private gas company will end this week. Therefore the Government requests the consumers not to panic about the current short supply of domestic gas.

The Consumer Affairs Authority will be taking legal action against domestic gas sellers who hoarded their stocks during the shortage and sold gas for higher prices,.

It went on to say around 40 such gas sales outlets have been raided by officials.

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