Driver’s carelessness caused Waskaduwa multiple fatality accident – Police

Police investigating yesterday collision at Waskaduwa that left six dead say the SLTB Bus driver’s carelessness caused the head-on collision.

The accident happened at 5:15 am at the Waskaduwa junction where the SLTB bus travelling North crashed into a private bus headed South.

Three women and three men were dead on arrival at the Nagoda hospital.

Police state that the accident happened when the driver of the SLTB bus had carelessly tried to overtake a lorry.

The driver was among the six who died instantly.

One of the witnesses to the accident told Media that he had seen half of a child’s face torn apart and a woman lying on the road without her legs completely removed, “ the people were crying in pain,” he said.

Most of the injured passengers, 61 of them are warded at the Nagoda hospital while three, including the private bus driver, are warded at the Panadura base hospital, and one in  Colombo National Hospital.

Meanwhile, Police Spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara, told Media yesterday 4, Aug that 1629 people were killed due to road accidents between the period from 1 January to 2 August and that 60 per cent of those accidents were caused due the carelessness of the drivers.

Kalutara North police are carrying out further investigations into the incident.





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