Drugs are the reason for murder, rape and robbery – President

President Maithripala Sirisena says that drugs are the reason behind all serious criminal activities such as murder, robbery and even rape, adding that he has decided to impose the death penalty for drug traffickers with the view of rebuilding a greater nation for future generations.

The head of state went on to state that anyone standing against the procedure of imposing the death penalty on drug traffickers are opposing the development of a better country.

Further expressing his views, the President added that a developed country is not just a country with great physical resources but a country with discipline and better citizens.

Sirisena made these statements when addressing a religious ceremony held to present the Scroll to the Galgodagama Sobhita Nayaka Thero for being elevated to the position of Chief Sanganayaka of Uva Province of Amarapura Siri Saddhammawansha Maha Nikaya, at the Bandarawela Urban Council Auditorium

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