Durdans to offer Credence Genomics disease testing

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Durdans Hospital has partnered with Credence Genomics (Pvt) Ltd. to provide preventive and diagnostic testing based on analysis of individual genes in a technique called the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platform.

The platform allows with 99.7% accuracy to predict and diagnose patients in multiple specialties not limited to but including oncology, cardiology, immunology, pediatrics and infectious disease, a statement said.

The hospital, owned by the listed Ceylon Hospitals, has a laboratory service with an island wide network of collection centers which can collect samples and which are centrally processed at its centre in Colombo. 

Credence Genomics’ tests allows individuals to predict, diagnose and treat cancer, or inherited diseases based on analysis of their genes, the statement said.

Credence Genomics says it aims to be the main alternative to the existing reactive health care model.

Their treatment technique, known as ‘personalised medicine’, is based on genetic tests
that are emerging from what’s known as the revolution in DNA sequencing, breakthroughs in mapping people’s genetic make-up.


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