Easter attackers did not have direct connection with ISIS – Director CID

Director of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) SSP Shani Abeysekara says that their investigations revealed no direct connections between the Easter attackers and the global Islamic State terror organisation.

However, they may have been inspired by ISIS, he told the Parliamentary Select Committee probing the attacks today 24 July.

Testifying before the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC), Abeysekara said that the first information of ISIS involvement was revealed after the global organisation took responsibility for the attacks.

Asked by MPs to enumerate any issues he has in providing security for the country, Abeysekara said that the Customs Department was not cooperating by not providing necessary CCTV recordings for investigations to the CID.

“Recently we caught an individual with 10 kg of gold after being checked by the customs at the airport, the individual had gold on his body, not in the bag,” he said

He also said that they had 40 to 50 detections at ports of entry in the recent past.

Abeysekara also said that in some cases like for bringing prohibited clothing materials, the customs had fined Rs 20,000 when the actual fine is Rs 250,000.

“If the airport and harbour functions properly we could at least cover 75 per cent of the budget deficit,” he added.

He also said even the Department of Registration of Persons and Department of Immigration and Emigration do not give them access to their information.

“It is important to have a common database to ensure the security of a country,” he added.





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