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Easter Attacks: Protests demanding justice to continue as Catholic Bishops are unhappy with PCoI report

Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith adressing the faithful at Katuwapitiya.

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Roman Catholic Bishops are united in expressing their dissatisfaction over the investigations into the Easter Sunday attacks and will continue to protest and agitate until the planners and the funders of the strikes are identified and punished, the Archbishop of Colombo said.

Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith says he speaks for all the Catholic Bishops when he says protests will not stop “unless and until justice is done through a thorough and transparent process is conducted and that is the message that we have to give our ruling class.”

He said the Catholic Bishops Conference was of the opinion that the previous reports and statements that were released about the Easter Sunday attacks did not reveal much about the people who planned and funded the whole attack.

“All that was at the lowest level of information according to our opinion,” he told reporters today in Colombo.

Referring to the Bishops Conference held last week where the leaders of the biggest Christian Congregation reviewed the report of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the attacks, he said they “held this meeting with the question in our minds as to when will our congregants get justice.”

In an emotional statement, the Cardinal said he “witnessed how the bodies of our congregants were broken and scattered into pieces with my own eyes. Just because they followed a particular religion they were blasted into small pieces. I don’t know whether these politicians witnessed that.”

St Sebastian’s Church in Katuwapitiya minutes after the blast on Easter Sunday 2019/ WhatsApp image

“We cannot allow anyone to benefit from that either financially or with power. I know that the majority of people in this country do not believe what is being said. If we are to save ourselves we have to free ourselves from this type of underhand politics” he went on.

“We need political parties and leaders who will stand up for what is right. Not go after money and power using this type of tactic which has given us 40 to 50 years of grief. We need straightforward, law-abiding leadership that will deliver justice,” he insisted.

“The PCoI would have conducted the inquiry to the best of their ability, but we have various investigative and intelligence agencies we want all of them to come together to ensure this will not happen again. Therefore we will continue this action, this of us Bishops are of the same mind,” he said.

“This report of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry has not provided us with the answers as to who planned and “authored” this attack and who sponsored this attack by providing necessary funds and other facilities,” Ranjith pointed out.





“There are some hints about what happened, however, we hoped the government’s Intelligence Agencies, as well as investigative bodies such as the Criminal Investigation Department, would provide some answers. That did not happen,” he said.

“Therefore we were hopeful that the Presidential Commission of Inquiry would provide answers but that has not happened and therefore we have to consider this as an incomplete report,” he added. (Colombo March 15, 2021)

Reported by Arjuna Ranawana

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  1. It is an open secret who supported financially and encouraged this Islamic terrorism of the Wahabist faction who wants Islam to rule Sri Lanka and the world ultimately. The Muslim political leaders behind this outrage will eventually be exposed. Shame on you Sinhala political leaders of the current government and previous government! His Eminence Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith should now appeal to the UN to organise their own honest inquiry not subdued by money bags from the Arab nations.

  2. It is with great dismay I read Cardinal’s report in
    respect of the Commission appointed by the Govt:
    of Srilanka has published after the massacre of
    innocent Catholics.The Govt: in power should have
    taken more interest and should have been more
    vigilant in taking the perpetrators into books.They
    can not say this massacre took place not in their
    time and try to pass the ball into someone’s court.
    I hope both President and his brother the Prime Minister, together take more interest and help the
    Investigations to follow the proper ways
    and ascertain the real culprits who
    organised and financed the perpetrators who master
    minded this carnage to kill innocent Catholics inside
    in their own place of worship.Until then church should not stop their agitation.Even going into
    International Court of Justice.

  3. Must fight untill justice is met,not to allow corrupt politicians to solve the problem in their corrupt way

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