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Tuesday July 27th, 2021
General Economy

Sri Lanka discussing import controls of selected items: CB Governor

They are still at discussion level

2 min read

21-hour water cut in parts of Colombo on Saturday (10); plant capacities to be increased

Colombo  01, 02, 03, 07, 08, 09, 10, and 11 will see water supply interrupted for 21-hours from 9:00 AM Saturday (10).

2 min read

Sri Lanka 2021 first quarter growth would be better than expected: CB Governor

Expects reserves to improve

2 min read

Sri Lanka inflation rises to 5.2-pct in June, food prices up 11.3-pct

Foods rise 3.9-pct in the month

2 min read

Basil appoints five committees to devise right actions for economy; fertilizer ban stays

"There were many arguments and counter – arguments and opinions expressed at the meeting"

Sri Lanka GDP grows 4.3-pct in 2021 first quarter

Activities at near normal and recovers from a 1.8-pct contraction

Vietnam BB outlook raised to positive by S&P after IMF says high growth with no stimulus

Incredibly proactive and effective set of containment policies - IMF

14 min read

Invest Sri Lanka to bring 1,000 local and global investors together

Forum to showcase investment opportunities and build joint ventures

Chanka Jayasinghe

3 min read

Sri Lanka Port City dollarization upheld, constitution violation from depreciation: SC

Dollarization would protect the salaries of workers from money printing

2 min read

Sri Lanka's China-backed Port City to have US$3bn annual FDI target: Minister Cabraal

"We have targets which are tough"

Imesh Ranasinghe

3 min read

Sri Lanka passes law to set up China-backed special economic zone

Colombo Port City Commission passes with 148 votes

2 min read

Sri Lanka's third Coronavirus wave to hit economy less than earlier waves: CB Governor

Tourism, exports demand may be hit due to domestic and global Covid-19 waves

1 min read

Sri Lanka bans blending of coconut oil

This Direction shall come into effect from 07th May, 2021

1 min read

Sri Lanka projects exports of US$12.5bn, forex reserves of 3.2 months of imports in 2021

Past projections have been wildly off target when money was printed for 'stop-go' policies

3 min read

Sri Lanka per capita GDP drops in 2021 amid Covid-19, monetary instability

Hgher levels of monetary instability and lower growth was seen from around 2015 with 'flexible' policy

2 min read

Sri Lanka GDP to grow 4.1-pct in 2021: ADB

Sri Lanka’s challenging macroeconomic situation will likely moderate growth in 2022

2 min read

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Sri Lanka's unemployment rate down to 5.2-pct 4Q-2020

Sri Lanka's unemployment fell to 5.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2020 from an 11 year high of 5.8 percent in the th...

1 min read

Sri Lanka Port City attempts to fix broken government, but tax breaks excessive: Samarajiva

Sri Lanka's Colombo Port City is a useful attempt to address a broken government system and is recreating for services w...

7 min read

Sri Lanka's Port City will be a driver of growth, FDI, not a Chinese colony: Minister Cabraal

Sri Lanka's Colombo Port City will be a driver of growth and foreign direct investment and concerns over it being a Chin...

4 min read

US would support Sri Lanka in efforts to manage debt, stabilize economy: Ambassador Teplitz

The United States was ready to support Sri Lanka it is efforts to manage debt and stabilize the economy, US Ambassador t...

9 min read

Sri Lanka to advertise internationally for Colombo Port City Commission staff

Sri Lanka will advertise internationally to hire staff for Colombo Port City Commission, which will function as an indep...

1 min read

Sri Lanka's Buth Curry Index by Advocata Institute to track cost of eating

Sri Lanka's Advocata Institute has launched a Buth Curry Index, which tracks the prices of several foods items widely us...

2 min read

Sri Lanka cautioned on money laundering risks at China-backed Colombo Port City

Sri Lanka has to be vigilant against unintended consequences of 'nefarious actors' who may try to mis-use a China-backed...

7 min read

Sri Lanka 2021 GDP growth forecast lowered to 4.0-pct by IMF

Sri Lanka's gross domestic product in 2021 has been downgraded to 4.0 percent by the International Monetary Fund from a ...

2 min read

China to pursue third country investment to Sri Lanka's Port City, Hambantota zone

China will work with Sri Lanka to bring third country investments to Colombo Port City and Hambantota Special Economic Z...

2 min read

Sri Lanka to give US$5 grocery relief pack amid money printing

A state-run retail chain under Sri Lanka's Trade Ministry is giving a discounted grocery pack and a face mask for Coron...

2 min read