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Sunday May 16th, 2021

Sri Lanka projects exports of US$12.5bn, forex reserves of 3.2 months of imports in 2021

Past projections have been wildly off target when money was printed for 'stop-go' policies

4 minutes

Sri Lanka rupee in non-credible peg at 199.95 to US dollar

5 min read

Sri Lanka's private, state credit soars in March 2021, rupee down

Sri Lanka's private credit from commercial banks grew by 112.2 billion rupees in March 2021

2 min read

Sri Lanka inflation at 3.9-pct in April 2021

he food sub-index was up 9.0 percent during the past 12 months.

1 min read

Sri Lanka to ban import, use of fertilizer, agro-chemicals to save foreign exchange

The state will direct the fertilizer subsidy to cover crop losses

Sri Lanka domestic dollar bond rates race ahead of rupee yields

The inverted interest rates differential had already turned forward exchange rate premiums negative

Sri Lanka has a corrupted inflation targeting, output gap targeting not in line with monet...

Targeting an output gap with printed money is not in line with the original intentions of Sri Lanka's Monetary Law Act a...

9 min read

Sri Lanka helicopter drops Rs60bn, CB bills stock tops Rs900bn

Sri Lanka has printed 60 billion rupees this week taking the central bank's Treasury bill stock to 904 billion rupees by...

3 min read

Sri Lanka seeks Middle East funds to beef up BOP

Sri Lanka is in a mission to the Middle East to secure funding to buffer the island's external payments, Central Bank Go...

2 min read

Sri Lanka forex reserves drop to US$4.1bn in March 2021

Sri Lanka's forex reserves dropped to 4.1 billion US dollars in March 2021 from 4,583 million dollars in February, the c...

2 min read

Sri Lanka central bank keeps 'historic low' rates as forex reserves drop

Sri Lanka's central bank said it is maintaining its historic low interest rates as foreign reserves continued to drop am...

7 min read

Sri Lanka fails to sell 58-pct of Treasuries auction

Sri Lanka has failed to sell 58 percent of a 45 billion rupee Treauries auction amid price ceilings above which unsold b...

1 min read

Sri Lanka may get US$800mn equivalent from IMF SDR allocation: Minister Cabraal

Sri Lanka could get up to 800 million US dollars worth reserves from the International Monetary Fund as a part of a new ...

5 min read

Sri Lanka part settles billion dollar Federal Reserve repo

Sri Lanka has settled half of a billion US dollar repo transaction with the Federal Reserve, executed last year official...

1 min read

US inflation will overshoot target, Powell delusional: Hanke

US inflation is likely to go as much as 5 percent with broad money supply beginning to grow at unprecedented rates and F...

4 min read

Sri Lanka banks borrow Rs64bn from liquidity window, rupee below 200 to the dollar

Sri Lanka's banks borrowed 64.6 billion rupees overnight on Wednesday up from 46 billion rupees a day earlier, keeping c...

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Sri Lanka's inflation picks up to 4.1-pct in March 2021

Sri Lanka's 12-month consumer price inflation accelerated to 4.1 percent in March 2021 from 3.3 percent in February amid...

1 min read

Sri Lanka Port City Economic Zone to have offshore banking, stock exchanges

Sri Lanka's Colombo Port City Special Economic Zone will have offshore banks for which regulations will be made by the P...

3 min read

Sri Lanka Port City Special Economic Zone to be dollarized

Sri Lanka's Colombo Port City Special Economic Zone would be dollarized, according to a draft law for the area, protecti...

5 min read

Top economic policy influencers in Washington named

Steve Hanke, Maya MacGuineas, Adam Posen, Tyler Cowen and Heidi Shierholz have been named among top influencers of econo...

2 min read

Sri Lanka rupee can go to 300-350 to the US dollar: Trade Minister

Sri Lanka is controlling the price of the rupee with great difficulty and the it could fall to as much 300 to 350 to the...

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Sri Lanka excess liquidity drops to Rs100bn amid reserve outflow, CB bill stock Rs824bn

Net excess liquidity in Sri Lanka's money markets dropped to 100 billion rupees on March 23, levels not seen since June ...

3 min read

Sri Lanka usually asked for upfront currency depreciation by IMF: Minister

The International Monetary Fund usually asks for upfront currency depreciation, which then brings more problems to the c...

12 min read

Sri Lanka and China ink 10bn yuan central bank swap for 3-years

Sri Lanka has signed a 10 billion yuan (about 1.5 billion US dollars) swap deal with China for three years, the central ...

1 min read

Sri Lanka rupee closes 199/199.50 to one-week dollar

Sri Lanka rupee closed weaker on Monday at 199/199.50 against the one-week dollar, while bond yields were flat/down deal...

1 min read

Sri Lanka Bangladesh to discuss central bank swap

Sri Lanka and Bangladesh central banks will conduct talks over a swap arrangement, a joint communiqué said after a visi...

4 min read

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