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Thursday December 2nd, 2021

Sri Lanka recalls control-era NM Perera in budget 2022 amid new rubber import control

'Our leaders and financial sector experts have failed to bring a long term programme to manage our foreign reserves'

5 min read

Sri Lanka CB says no forcible conversion of worker remittances in securitization

Remittance surrenders are from voluntary conversions

5 min read

Sri Lanka budget 2022: new law on export dollar conversion

The central bank has said earlier exporters who do not convert will be charged a higher tax

5 min read

Sri Lanka rupee dollar swap discounts widen, some interbank outright trades

The cryptocurrency Tether, a stable coin or pegged exchange rate is quoted around 236 rupees

5 min read

Sri Lanka to crack down on Hawala remittances

We have been collecting information on these activities

IMF mission in Sri Lanka for Article IV discussions, no program request

The Article IV team will be in Sri Lanka from December 7 to 20.

Sri Lanka central bank on insolvency track, quasi-fiscal losses loom

In September gross reserves had fallen further

8 min read

IMF cautions Maldives on money printing to stop rufiyaa fall as Sri Lanka wobbles

Tighter monetary policy stance may be needed to ensure compatibility with the exchange rate peg

3 min read

Sri Lanka forex reserves down to US$2.5bn in September

From US$5.6bn in December 2020

1 min read

Sri Lanka shortage agency likely to relax price controls on LPG, wheat flour, milk

CAA to issue new price controls based on 'costs'

6 min read

Sri Lanka prints Rs106.7bn rupees to fully sterilize interventions, SRR hike effect

On October 04, the central bank's Treasury bills stock rose to 1,442.7 billion rupees from 1,336 billion rupees

3 min read

Sri Lanka 2021 budget deficit hits trillion rupees by July, Rs549bn printed

Money printing has triggered a US$2.7bn balance of payments deficit

4 min read

Sri Lanka central bank relaxes some controls, exporters forced to convert more dollars

Central Bank negotiating US$500mn in swaps

4 min read

Sri Lanka to consider buying back ISBs falling due in 2022: Governor Cabraal

We will consider buying back the ISBs if steep discounts continue

2 min read

Sri Lanka removes LC margins on electronic, 'non-essential' items: Cabraal

The cash margin is removed from today

1 min read

Sri Lanka to hike mandatory foreign exchange surrender rule

No change will be made to personal foreign currency accounts,

1 min read

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Sri Lanka September 2021 inflation 5.7-pct in Colombo

The food sub-index up 22 percent over 24 months

3 min read

Sri Lanka CB rate hike, SRR has not met original objectives: Jayasundera

If the export credit is expensive, they have to bring dollars

7 min read

Sri Lanka sells 16.8bn in bonds, yields up, post-auction tap open

Post auction tap open till 1600hours on Sept 30

4 min read

Sri Lanka CB Governor warned on pitfalls by Wijewardene amid contradictory rupee moves

"The result was the lengthening of the queue for dollars and the expansion of the black market further."

5 min read

Sri Lanka central bank explains forex repatriation, Zimbabwe style surrender rules

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe raised its surrender requirement to 40-pct in January.

7 min read

Sri Lanka markets being allowed to work, confidence key: Governor Cabraal

What we are doing is allowing markets to move in the way that they should perform

3 min read

Cabraal removes Sri Lanka bond auction price controls

Rs 2bn printed after last week's bill auction despite low forex reserves

2 min read

Sri Lanka CB Governor meets envoy of forex reserve rich Bangladesh

Bangladesh forex reserves surged as reserve money grew from NFA

3 min read

Sri Lanka in talks for milk credit line from New Zealand

Sri Lanka spends about 300 million dollars a year on diary product imports

1 min read

Sri Lanka CB Governor meets exporters and importers

The exchange of views with the main #Importers & #Exporters in Sri Lanka was very helpful

3 min read