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Saturday November 27th, 2021

Sri Lanka may get US$800mn equivalent from IMF SDR allocation: Minister Cabraal

Sri Lanka could get up to 800 million US dollars worth reserves from the International Monetary Fund as a part of a new ...

2 min read

Sri Lanka part settles billion dollar Federal Reserve repo

Sri Lanka has settled half of a billion US dollar repo transaction with the Federal Reserve, executed last year official...

2 min read

US inflation will overshoot target, Powell delusional: Hanke

US inflation is likely to go as much as 5 percent with broad money supply beginning to grow at unprecedented rates and F...

2 min read

Sri Lanka banks borrow Rs64bn from liquidity window, rupee below 200 to the dollar

Sri Lanka's banks borrowed 64.6 billion rupees overnight on Wednesday up from 46 billion rupees a day earlier, keeping c...

2 min read

Sri Lanka resumes repo auctions in minor tightening of policy

The resumption of repo auctions is a further tightening of policy

Sri Lanka central bank orders 5.0-pct ceiling on foreign currency deposits

Special deposit accounts can pay a premium

Sri Lanka forex reserves drop in July to US$8.34bn

Sri Lanka's gross official foreign reserves dropped 421 million US dollars during the month of July 2019 to end at 8,343...

1 min read

China mops up liquidity to prop up Yuan, Sri Lanka rupee slightly weaker

The People's Bank of China mopped up excess liquidity in money markets to prop up its now unstable 'flexible exchange ra...

6 min read

Dushni Weerakoon appointed to Sri Lanka Monetary Board

Dushni Weerakoon, an economist, has been appointed as a member of the Monetary Board, the central bank said.

1 min read

Sri Lanka inflation eases to 4.0-pct in July

Sri Lanka' 12-month inflation eased to 4.0 percent in July 2019 from 4.2 percent in June the state statistics office sai...

1 min read

US Fed cuts key interest rate to 'insure' against global uncertainties

The US Federal Reserve, under intense pressure from President Donald Trump to stimulate the economy, on Wednesday cut th...

4 min read

Sri Lanka inflation picks up in 2019 as liquidity shortages end

Sri Lanka's inflation in the 12-months to June 2019 fell to 3.8 percent from 5.0 percent in May, but the consumer price ...

3 min read

Sri Lanka national inflation slows to 2.1-pct in June

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka's nationwide inflation slowed down to 2.1 percent in June 2019 from 3.5 percent in May 2019, the...

1 min read

Sri Lanka central bank needs new monetary law to block money printing: Governor

Sri Lanka's central bank is seeking passage of revamped governing law to block itself from printing money to finance def...

4 min read

Sri Lanka has no peg, soft or hard: CB Governor

Sri Lanka does not have a peg but manages the rate 'flexibly', Central Bank Governor Indrajit Coomaraswamy said, an arra...

2 min read

Sri Lanka President in push for large scale money printing, fiscal dominance: report

President Maithripala Sirisena has opposed changes to Sri Lanka's central bank law which aims to end wholesale money pri...

3 min read

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Sri Lanka central bank may cut floor rate in August

Sri Lanka's central bank which is propping up overnight rates a little above the 7.5 percent floor policy corridor with ...

3 min read

Sri Lanka forex reserves grow to US$8.9bn in June

Sri Lanka's forex reserves grew to 8.9 billion US dollars in June 2019 from 6.7 billion US dollars, in May a central ban...

1 min read

Sri Lanka floor policy rate unchanged at 7.50-pct in July

Sri Lanka is holding policy rates at curent levels in a bid to maintain inflation, the central bank said.

6 min read

Sri Lanka's overnight target rate down 84-bp since floor rate cut

Sri Lanka's central bank is propping up the overnight rates about 20 basis points above its floor policy rate which was ...

5 min read

Colombo to Haldummulla, Sri Lanka's centres of free banking

Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) had issued currency notes at multiple locations ranging from Colombo and Galle to plantations di...

8 min read

Sri Lanka inflation rises 3.8-pct in June

Inflation in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo grew 3.8 percent in June from a year earlier, down from 5 percent in May, the s...

1 min read

Sri Lanka central bank makes Rs14bn hedging loss in 2018

Sri Lanka's central bank has made a 14.8 billion rupee loss on outstanding swaps which gave hedged the foreign exchange ...

3 min read

History of Sri Lanka paper money in National Trust lecture by Kavan Ratnatunga

The history of paper money in Sri Lanka will be the focus of a lecture by The National Trust this month ranging from the...

2 min read

Sri Lanka national inflation slows to 3.5-pct in May

Sri Lanka's nationwide inflation slowed down to 3.5 percent in the 12-months to May 2019, for the first time in six mont...

1 min read

Sri Lanka pegs strongly to US dollar in May

Sri Lanka's central bank has pegged strongly to the US dollar in May 2019, buying 45 million US dollars from the interba...

3 min read

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