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Wednesday December 8th, 2021

Sri Lanka helicopter drops Rs60bn, CB bills stock tops Rs900bn

Sri Lanka has printed 60 billion rupees this week taking the central bank's Treasury bill stock to 904 billion rupees by...

9 min read

Sri Lanka seeks Middle East funds to beef up BOP

Sri Lanka is in a mission to the Middle East to secure funding to buffer the island's external payments, Central Bank Go...

9 min read

Sri Lanka forex reserves drop to US$4.1bn in March 2021

Sri Lanka's forex reserves dropped to 4.1 billion US dollars in March 2021 from 4,583 million dollars in February, the c...

9 min read

Sri Lanka central bank keeps 'historic low' rates as forex reserves drop

Sri Lanka's central bank said it is maintaining its historic low interest rates as foreign reserves continued to drop am...

9 min read

Sri Lanka should stop printing money, get IMF help; price controls a useless drama: legislator

Your monetary policy has to change, price controls will create blackmarkets

Sri Lanka could run out of ink due to money printing: legislator

There is one thing the government has done well, that is to print money

Sri Lanka's overnight target rate down 84-bp since floor rate cut

Sri Lanka's central bank is propping up the overnight rates about 20 basis points above its floor policy rate which was ...

5 min read

Colombo to Haldummulla, Sri Lanka's centres of free banking

Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) had issued currency notes at multiple locations ranging from Colombo and Galle to plantations di...

8 min read

Sri Lanka inflation rises 3.8-pct in June

Inflation in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo grew 3.8 percent in June from a year earlier, down from 5 percent in May, the s...

1 min read

Sri Lanka central bank makes Rs14bn hedging loss in 2018

Sri Lanka's central bank has made a 14.8 billion rupee loss on outstanding swaps which gave hedged the foreign exchange ...

3 min read

History of Sri Lanka paper money in National Trust lecture by Kavan Ratnatunga

The history of paper money in Sri Lanka will be the focus of a lecture by The National Trust this month ranging from the...

2 min read

Sri Lanka national inflation slows to 3.5-pct in May

Sri Lanka's nationwide inflation slowed down to 3.5 percent in the 12-months to May 2019, for the first time in six mont...

1 min read

Sri Lanka pegs strongly to US dollar in May

Sri Lanka's central bank has pegged strongly to the US dollar in May 2019, buying 45 million US dollars from the interba...

3 min read

Sri Lanka cabinet approves new central bank forex management system

Sri Lanka's central bank will be procuring a new foreign reserves management system, the cabinet office said.

1 min read

Sri Lanka private credit sharply negative in April

Sri Lanka's credit to private borrowers from commercial banks turned sharply negative to 43.4 billion rupees during Apri...

2 min read

Sri Lanka forex reserves may fall to $6.2bn in 2019 in worst-case: CB Governor

Sri Lanka's foreign reserves will at most fall to 6.2 billion US dollars by end-2019 due to the Easter Sunday attack, Ce...

2 min read

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Sri Lanka inflation rises 5-pct in May

Sri Lanka's inflation accelerated to 5 percent from a year earlier in May 2019, from 4.5 percent in April, the state sta...

1 min read

Sri Lanka banks warned of price controls on lending

Sri Lanka will slap price controls on bank loans if rates do not come down fast enough Central Bank Governor Indrajit Co...

3 min read

Sri Lanka in 50pb rate cut as credit contract after soft-peg crisis

Sri Lanka's central bank has cut its policy corridor by 50 basis points with to 7.50 percent and 8.50 percent as a credi...

3 min read

Sri Lanka growth slowdown risk from bombings could prompt interest rate cut

ECONOMYNEXT – The prospect of Sri Lanka’s central bank loosening monetary policy at its review this week h...

2 min read

Sri Lanka CB Governor says strong case to relax monetary policy: report

Sri Lanka has a 'strong case' to relax monetary policy, Central Bank Governor Indrajit Coomarasmway said as the islands ...

2 min read

Sri Lanka national inflation hits 3.6-pct in April

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka's nationwide inflation rose to 3.6 percent in the 12-months to April 2019, its highest in over a...

2 min read

IMF urges Sri Lanka to lift cap on foreign bond investors, ease exporter controls

The International Monetary Fund has urged Sri Lanka to lift a cap on foreign investment in rupee bonds, and remove excha...

5 min read

Sri Lanka to outlaw some reckless central bank policy

Sri Lanka's planned new monetary law will outlaw two central bank practices that had led balance of payments deficits an...

Asantha Sirimanne

7 min read

Sri Lanka forex reserves drop in April after bond repayment

Sri Lanka's forex reserves had dropped 416 million US dollars to 7,212.7 billion US dollars in April 2019 from 7,629.2 b...

1 min read

IMF keeps Sri Lanka forecasts amid growth risk, import collapse

The International Monetary Fund will maintain its projections on economic growth, state revenues and deficits until more...

5 min read