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Friday January 21st, 2022

Sri Lanka prints Rs113bn in November 2021 maintaining forex shortages

Private credit grew 60 billion in November, up from 35 billion in October

3 min read

Sri Lanka slaps price controls on forex swaps despite tight dollar liquidity

Ceiling implied dollar rate controlled at 10-pct

3 min read

Sri Lanka 2021 December inflation rises to 12.1-pct

Colombo inflation at a 13-year high

3 min read

Sri Lanka BOP problems cannot be solved by rationing, import quotas: Advocata

Monetary problems cannot be solved by import quotas and rationing

3 min read

Sri Lanka gold sales to boost liquid assets: Central Bank

Gold reserves are 5.6 percent of total reserves

China's 10bn yuan swap with Sri Lanka is “unique”, says envoy

It’s a strategic decision by the Chinese leader

Sri Lanka unleashes money laundering unit, police, on unofficial remittances

Last mile Hawala deliveries to be tracked if made through the banking system

2 min read

Sri Lanka CB starts outright bill sales sans spot rupee market

Reverse repo operations continue to climb

2 min read

Sri Lanka gets 7 responses to securitize remittance surrenders

These responses are being reviewed to determine the most suited modality

2 min read

Sri Lanka to freeze bank accounts linked to informal remittance amid forex crisis

Rs 10 rupee extra given by CB in December in official multiple exchange rate

1 min read

Sri Lanka central bank to pay Rs10 extra per dollar for worker remittances

Only 2 rupees extra were paid earlier

1 min read

Fed to end injections sooner, ‘retire’ transitory, Powell says as inflation rages in Sri Lanka

I think it is a good time to retire that word (transitory) and explain more clearly what we mean

4 min read

Sri Lanka inflation hits 9.9-pct Nov 2021, amid money printing

Food prices have risen 34-pct since the current bout of inflationary policy began

2 min read

Sri Lanka CB chief sees negative fallouts from IMF deal

Sharply higher rates and a currency fall

3 min read

Sri Lanka central bank blames usual suspects for inflation after printing money

Food prices have been surging amid trade restrictions

5 min read

Sri Lanka targets US$3.5bn forex reserves by end 2021

There will be no default: CB Governor says

2 min read

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Sri Lanka to crack down on Hawala remittances

We have been collecting information on these activities

1 min read

IMF mission in Sri Lanka for Article IV discussions, no program request

The Article IV team will be in Sri Lanka from December 7 to 20.

1 min read

Sri Lanka keeps rates at 6.0-pct amid high inflation, forex trouble

Inflation is transitory

6 min read

Sri Lanka national inflation surges to a 4-year high after money printing

Since inflationary policy began from around August 2019, the food index had risen 28.5-pct

2 min read

Sri Lanka central bank appoints four assistant governors

Appointments are effective from November 17

7 min read

Sri Lanka closes oil refinery amid money printing, forex shortages

We made this decision to manage limited foreign exchange to import essential foods

4 min read

Sri Lanka recalls control-era NM Perera in budget 2022 amid new rubber import control

'Our leaders and financial sector experts have failed to bring a long term programme to manage our foreign reserves'

5 min read

Sri Lanka CB says no forcible conversion of worker remittances in securitization

Remittance surrenders are from voluntary conversions

2 min read

Sri Lanka budget 2022: new law on export dollar conversion

The central bank has said earlier exporters who do not convert will be charged a higher tax

1 min read

Sri Lanka rupee dollar swap discounts widen, some interbank outright trades

The cryptocurrency Tether, a stable coin or pegged exchange rate is quoted around 236 rupees

2 min read

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