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Sunday September 19th, 2021

Sri Lanka injects Rs459bn from Feb 2020, spends US$1.3bn in forex reserves

Sri Lanka's central bank had injected 459 billion rupees in to banking system from late February to avoid selling govern...

6 min read

Controversial Millennium Challenge deal to be made public – Presidential Secretariat

The former government signed two agreements connected to the Millennium Challenge Compact (MCC) and was granted USD10 mi...

6 min read

Sri Lanka central bank lists measures taken for Covid-19 relief, money printed for budget

Sri Lanka's central bank has listed measures taken to ease cash pressure on the banking system during the Coronavirus cr...

6 min read

Sri Lanka to issue Rs80bn in Treasury guarantees for road, water loans

Sri Lanka will issue Treasury guarantees for up to 80 billion rupees to state banks to fund for roads and water projects...

6 min read

Sri Lanka forex debt owed to non-residents only US$3.7bn in 2021: CB Governor

Sri Lanka has to repay only 3.7 billion dollars to holders of external debt in 2021 and the balance is held by resident ...

Sri Lanka central bank explains 25-pct repatriation and 12.5-pct surrender requirement

Sri Lanka's central bank has said a 25 percent dollar repatriation requirement for exporter earnings and a surrender req...

Sri Lanka in talks with Qatar and Oman for forex swaps

Sri Lanka is in talks with Qatar and Oman for foreign exchange swaps, Central Bank Governor Indrajit Coomaraswamy said.

2 min read

Sri Lanka's Dr de Silva re-kindles debate on Ricardo's evil and Penelope's web of Dr Smith as rupee ...

Sri Lanka's State Minister for Economic Affairs Harsha de Silva, has re-kindled a debate as old as economics itself, rep...

9 min read

Sri Lanka's national inflation slows in Sept to 0.9-pct

ECONOMYNEXT- Sri Lanka's nationwide inflation slowed to 0.9 percent in the 12-months to September 2018 from 2.5 percent ...

1 min read

Sri Lanka services sector GDP under-reported

ECONOMYNEXT- Sri Lanka's gross domestic product and growth may be under-reported due to new service sector activities no...

2 min read

Sri Lanka allows online direct sales to overseas buyers

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka has set up a regulatory framework that would allow companies to do business-to-consumer, ...

1 min read

Bangladesh a potential market for Sri Lankan retailers

Bangladesh is a potential markets for Sri Lankan retailers to expand into, Ranjan De Silva, Partner, Sensei Internationa...

2 min read

Sri Lanka still has room for offline retail growth

There is still room for growth for brick and mortar shops in countries like Sri Lanka, where retailing is still growing,...

2 min read

Sri Lanka Exim bank proposal in limbo for three years

Sri Lanka’s government has failed to carry out a controversial proposal to set up a an ‘Export-Import bank...

2 min read

Sri Lanka seeks to follow Indian path on Iran oil sanctions

Sri Lanka, which is dependent on Iranian light crude has sought advice from India on its strategy on purchasing oil from...

2 min read

Top Sri Lanka economist urges free trade amid soft-peg failure

A top Sri Lanka economist renewed calls for freer trade as the country slammed import controls as a soft-peg with the US...

8 min read

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Going duty free could draw visitors to Sri Lanka, says Singapore retailer

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka could be made into a shoppers’ paradise by becoming a duty free country, said Patrick Cho...

1 min read

Sri Lanka could consider capital controls for rupee slide: economist

Sri Lanka could consider temporary controls on capital outflows to halt a slide of the island's soft-pegged rupee follow...

8 min read

Merchandise export made little contribution to Sri Lanka’s growth: World Bank

Sri Lanka’s industrial production barely grew in the second quarter of 2018 with exports contributing little to g...

2 min read

Sri Lanka cuts taxes on fuel to keep retail prices below formula

Sri Lanka has cut the tax component on a fuel price formula as oil prices rose and the rupee fell to keep retail prices ...

3 min read

Sri Lanka says import controls temporary, committed to open economy

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s government is committed to further opening up the economy and import controls im...

3 min read

Sri Lanka to improve credit access for corporates, shed bureaucracy: PM

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka will provide 'development bank funding' for large businesses soon, Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe...

3 min read

Sri Lanka calls investors for Hilton, Hyatt buildings

Sri Lanka has called for expressions of interest for the sale stock in building that house Colombo Hilton and a partiall...

1 min read

Sri Lanka new car registrations down 40-pct in September

Sri Lanka's new car registrations fell 40 percent to 4,990 units in September from a month earlier, and motor cycle regi...

2 min read

Sri Lanka President calls to expand Nixon shock as rupee falls

Sri Lanka's President Maithripala Sirisena has called for more trade controls and import substitution as the rupee fell ...

3 min read

Only 8-pct of Sri Lanka govt budget promises on track, study finds

ECONOMYNEXT – Most new spending proposals in Sri Lanka’s 2018 government budget are behind schedule in the...

2 min read