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Saturday October 23rd, 2021

More relief for electricity consumers struggling to pay inflated bills caused by the COVID lockdown

The Cabinet of Ministers at their weekly meeting today considered a number of concessions for consumers proposed by Powe...

3 min read

Sri Lanka slashes policy rates 100bp amid Coronavirus slowdown

Sri Lanka has slashed policy rate 100 basis points bringing the rate at which money is injected to the banking system at...

3 min read

Sri Lanka strong export recovery in June to US$950mn: Basil

Sri Lanka exports has rebounded to 950 million US dollars in June after falling to 250 million US dollars in April 2020,...

3 min read

Japan gives Sri Lanka Rs1.3bn of advanced medical equipment for Coronavirus battle

Japan is giving a grant of 800 million yen (1,360 million rupees) of high tech medical equipment to Sri Lanka's health s...

3 min read

Sri Lanka economic activity recovering: Central Bank

Sri Lanka's economic activity is recovering with tea, paddy and rubber production up, electricity generation is up indic...

Sri Lanka exports and imports could be disrupted if Suez canal remains blocked

Sri Lanka's exports and imports could be delayed if the Suez canal remains closed, as re-routing ships via the tip of Af...

Sri Lanka minister breaks with Erdogan, Trump over rates as rupee falls

A minister in Sri Lanka has taken a radically opposite approach from Turkish President Recep Erdogan and President Donal...

10 min read

Scrapping trade barriers could double Sri Lankan exports to South Asia: World Bank

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka has the potential to more than double its exports to South Asia to $2.8 billion from $1.2 billio...

2 min read

Sri Lanka July exports up 5.7-pct, tea, garments down

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri lanka’s earnings from merchandise exports surpassed a billion US dollars for the second ...

3 min read

Sri Lanka state agencies settle cash for trash row

Sri Lanka's state-run Land Reclamation and Development Corporation had begun accepting trash deposits from a local body ...

1 min read

Sri Lanka's economy picking up speed, inflation low: CB governor

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s economic growth is picking up speed and inflation has been contained contrary to...

1 min read

Sri Lanka big brother to monitor exporter dollars

Sri Lanka will set up a monitoring mechanism to check if exporters are bringing earnings back to the country, the centra...

5 min read

Sri Lanka's income tax reforms will draw investors: senior accountant

Sri Lanka overhauling its income taxes with a new law was a step in the right direction levelling the playing field for ...

3 min read

Sri Lanka forex reserves down US$1.4bn to US$7.18bn in Sept

Sri Lanka's forex reserves have fallen by 1.4 billion US dollars to 7,180 million dollars by end September 2018, from 8,...

3 min read

Sri Lanka rail investor seeks duty free helicopter imports, subsidized electricity

ECONOMYNEXT – An investor proposing to make high-speed trains in Sri Lanka has asked for a range of concessions i...

3 min read

U.S. offers Sri Lanka investment alternative to Chinese debt

ECONOMYNEXT – The United States can offer Sri Lanka investments backed by its development finance agency that cou...

2 min read

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Sri Lanka’s BOI says still seeking funding sources of high speed rail proposal

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s investment promotion agency said it has deferred approval of a high speed railwa...

3 min read

Sri Lanka to relax import rules for processed food exporters

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka is proposing to make it easier to import planting materials and fresh produce like coconuts, fru...

3 min read

Sri Lanka govt urged to scrap bottled water price controls

Sri Lanka’s government should remove price controls on bottled water that became effective Friday, 5 October, as ...

3 min read

Sri Lanka provides dollar backed central bank credit to finance deficit

Sri Lanka's central bank has advanced new rupees to the Treasury against US dollars, shortly before the rupee came under...

7 min read

Sri Lanka car dealers hold prices as demand drops

Car dealers offered vehicles at discounted prices despite a sharp appreciation of the dollar and the yen as many prospec...

2 min read

Sri Lanka permanently sterilizes some forex interventions

Sri Lanka has begun permanently sterilizing forex market interventions with outright purchases of Treasury bills to prin...

4 min read

Onions, potatoes to cushion Sri Lanka depreciation shock

Onions, potatoes and rice which are now grown in the country will cushion the people against currency collapse, Central ...

11 min read

Singer Sri Lanka, Abans margins could weaken further: Fitch

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka's new import regulations to defend a falling rupee could weaken cash flows and margins of...

3 min read

Sri Lanka govt to borrow Rs1,944bn in 2019

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka's government plans to borrow 1, 944 billion rupees from local and foreign sources for its debt s...

1 min read

Sri Lanka plans 4.1-pct budget deficit for 2019

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka is planning a budget deficit of 644 billion rupees or 4.1 percent of gross domestic product for ...

1 min read