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Tuesday October 26th, 2021

Sri Lanka’s pandemic-hit unemployment show need for social security: IPS

Surge in youth unemployment

1 min read

Sri Lanka preparing agreements for US$3.6bn for Oman credit line amid money printing

The central bank Governor has promised to supply dollars for this month's fuel imports

1 min read

Sri Lanka's rising prices will hurt the poor, but price controls do not work: economist

The price control is a feel good policy

1 min read

Sri Lanka national inflation 5.5-pct in Sept 2021, food up 25-pct over two years

12-month inflation unchanged at 5.5 percent

1 min read

Sri Lanka expects US$1 billion FDI in this year despite pandemic: BoI Chief

The BOI has approved 1.4 billion US dollar worth projects so far this year

Sri Lanka policy consistency in 2022 budget vital for FDI: BOI chief

Stability is something that everyone, including the existing investors, and the new investors will look at

Sri Lanka bond auction yields rise around 100bp across maturities

80 billion rupees out of 100 billion rupee auction sold

2 min read

Sri Lanka budget on November 12, vote on December 10

The appropriation bill details a total of 2,505 billion rupees in spending

1 min read

Sri Lanka private, state credit surge in August, CB credit up 187-pct

Central bank credit to government grew 187 percent in the 12-months to August

1 min read

Sri Lanka CPC seeks fuel price hike amid Powell Bubble, currency fall

We will inform the cabinet that we cannot bear this loss anymore

3 min read

Sri Lanka says only quotes no volumes for sovereign bond buy-back

Not even 5 per cent of the outstanding January 2022 ISB maturity was available for sale

2 min read

Sri Lanka central bank on insolvency track, quasi-fiscal losses loom

In September gross reserves had fallen further

8 min read

IMF cautions Maldives on money printing to stop rufiyaa fall as Sri Lanka wobbles

Tighter monetary policy stance may be needed to ensure compatibility with the exchange rate peg

3 min read

Sri Lanka forex reserves down to US$2.5bn in September

From US$5.6bn in December 2020

1 min read

Despite challenges, trade fairs will stay

Organisers are looking at different methods in which Trade Fairs could be re-introduced.

Kshama Ranawana

5 min read

Sri Lanka Minister apologizes for creating shortages, gives up on price controls

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to consumers

4 min read

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Sri Lanka shortage agency likely to relax price controls on LPG, wheat flour, milk

CAA to issue new price controls based on 'costs'

6 min read

Sri Lanka kicks off 2022 budget process with Appropriation Bill

The ministry of defence had been allocated 373.1 billion rupees, health 153.5 billion rupees and education 127 billion

1 min read

Sri Lanka to grow 3.3pct in 2021, macro-risks loom: World Bank

Outlook clouded by pre-existing macroeconomic weaknesses

2 min read

Sri Lanka looking to adopt policy on blockchain technology, digital banking, crypto mining

"Proper regulatory framework will ensure that Sri Lanka will lead the digital economy in the region.”

2 min read

EU: Focused on non-discrimination, PTA during Sri Lanka’s GSP+ monitoring mission

 “The meetings also reviewed drugs policy, environment and climate change, as well as corruption.”

3 min read

Sri Lanka rejects Oman land-for- interest request in US$3.6bn oil supplier's credit: Minister

The 3.6 billion US dollar credit line for one year

2 min read

Sri Lanka warned on debt default bombshells by expert in Argentina, Greece crises

There is an enormous political aspect to it both internationally and domestically

8 min read

Sri Lanka gets five proposals for foreign currency term loan

The loans will have to be a minimum of one year

1 min read

Sri Lanka prints Rs106.7bn rupees to fully sterilize interventions, SRR hike effect

On October 04, the central bank's Treasury bills stock rose to 1,442.7 billion rupees from 1,336 billion rupees

3 min read

Sri Lanka Finance Minister, India foreign secy discuss taking forward joint projects

To take forward joint projects of mutual benefit

1 min read