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Tuesday September 28th, 2021

Sri Lanka to import 100,000 tonnes of 'healthy', non-organic rice, as prices soar

There is a food controller from the health ministry when we import any foods,

6 min read

Sri Lanka to give US$50mn to clear 800 containers stuck at port: Consumer Minister

"The Prime Minister asked the Finance Ministry to release foreign currency to clear the containers."

6 min read

EU to review Sri Lanka’s access to GSP+ trade concession amid rights abuse concerns

The EU delegation visit comes after two key incidents of alleged human rights violations in the last two weeks.

6 min read

Sri Lanka in talks for milk credit line from New Zealand

Sri Lanka spends about 300 million dollars a year on diary product imports

6 min read

Sri Lanka latest import restrictions should be revisited: Jayasundara

Now the central bank has imposed a 100-pct credit margin on IT products, which is not healthy

Sri Lanka cronies profiting from import controls, SMEs battered: Samarajiva

What we are building is a kleptocracy which will then pollute and completely distort the political processes

6 min read

Sri Lanka shortage creating agency may allow milk powder supplies to resume

New price subject to dollars given at 203 to the US dollar

3 min read

Sri Lanka denies 5-pct tax on wage earner tax after 1-pct tax on undeclared funds

Not discussed in cabinet

1 min read

Sri Lanka 'fingers crossed' for investment, rise in remittance, tourism: Minister Pathirana

We keep our fingers crossed and we are looking forward to receiving some investments also and foreign remittances'

3 min read

Sri Lanka imports soar to 17-month high in July 2021 amid money printing, exports

Imports at pre-pandemic highs despite lack of tourism revenues

3 min read

Sri Lanka seizes rice from private traders after broken deal

Government says millers broke agreements

4 min read

Sri Lanka seizes rice stocks from private mills under emergency for defying price controls

Stocks owned by Nipuna, Lathpandura, Araliya, Hiru, New Rathna and Suriya mills were seized

2 min read

Sri Lanka hikes import duty on onions to Rs40 per kilogram

Domestic farmers are harvesting now

1 min read

Sri Lanka parliament passes emergency regulations to seize food stocks, warehouses

The emergency was passed convincingly with 132 legislators voting for it against 51

1 min read

Sri Lanka top rice millers profiting Rs50bn a season says minister, amid import substitution

Nadu rice should be sold at 97 rupees, he says

2 min read

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Sri Lanka orders banking, transport, petroleum, food, state offices essential services

Ceylon Sugar, Paddy Marketing Board included

3 min read

Sri Lanka slaps price controls on sugar, rice amid money printing

Sugar at Rs122 for bulk Rs125 for packets

2 min read

Sri Lanka seizes sugar stocks through emergency law amid monetary instability

Sugar was seized from Pyamid Wilmar, Global Trading, Wilson Trading Company and R G Stores

2 min read

Sri Lanka sugar importers caught in CPC-style unhedged forex losses

Sugar imported now has to be paid in 180 days

2 min read

Sri Lanka issues emergency food regulations as prices go up, rupee weakens

Major General appointed to co-ordinate food distribution

2 min read

Sri Lanka international trade role in Advocata forum as monetary instability drive import controls

LIVE-streamed on the 30th of August from 1600h onwards

1 min read

Sri Lanka foreign minister seeks Korean language boost for closer links

Korea is a key market for migrant Sri Lankan workers who want to earn a higher income

2 min read

Sri Lanka to import 300,000 litres of oxygen a week

Sri Lanka thanks India for sending 140 tonnes of oxygen quickly

1 min read

Sri Lanka Foreign Minister, EU envoy discuss GSP Plus action, Covid co-operation

Matters related to cooperation in the fishery sector were also discussed

1 min read

Sri Lanka plans lentil credit line as money printing drive forex shortages

Credit for large import items

5 min read

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