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Monday October 18th, 2021

Sri Lanka plans incentives of up to 3.5-pct to spur exports in Coronavirus crisis

Sri Lanka is planning incentives of up to 3.5 percent for incremental exports over the next two quarters, which could br...

3 min read

Sri Lanka haunted by ghost of Raul Prebisch as import ban bites tyre supply

Sri Lanka’s businesses are hit and specialist vehicles such as ambulances are under threat, as the country runs out of...

3 min read

Sri Lanka to export cinnamon to Brazil in bark form

Cinnamon traders in Sri Lanka can now export the spice in bark form to Brazil using a phytosanitary certificate issued b...

3 min read

Sri Lanka worker remittances up 25-pct in July 2020

Sri Lanka's foreign remittances hit a high of 702.1 million US dollars in July 2020, rising 24.9 percent from a year ear...

3 min read

Sri Lanka bakers not doomed by palm oil ban Trade Minister says, license raj to the rescue

Sri Lanka's bakery industry is not doomed as claimed by some but a license raj on import controls will be extended to re...

Sri Lanka may revise midnight gazette banning palm oil: Minister

Sri Lanka may revise a midnight gazette banning the import of palm oil issued on April 06, cabinet spokesman Minister Ke...

Scrapping trade barriers could double Sri Lankan exports to South Asia: World Bank

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka has the potential to more than double its exports to South Asia to $2.8 billion from $1.2 billio...

2 min read

Sri Lanka July exports up 5.7-pct, tea, garments down

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri lanka’s earnings from merchandise exports surpassed a billion US dollars for the second ...

3 min read

Sri Lanka rail investor seeks duty free helicopter imports, subsidized electricity

ECONOMYNEXT – An investor proposing to make high-speed trains in Sri Lanka has asked for a range of concessions i...

3 min read

U.S. offers Sri Lanka investment alternative to Chinese debt

ECONOMYNEXT – The United States can offer Sri Lanka investments backed by its development finance agency that cou...

2 min read

Sri Lanka’s BOI says still seeking funding sources of high speed rail proposal

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s investment promotion agency said it has deferred approval of a high speed railwa...

3 min read

Sri Lanka to relax import rules for processed food exporters

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka is proposing to make it easier to import planting materials and fresh produce like coconuts, fru...

3 min read

Sri Lanka car dealers hold prices as demand drops

Car dealers offered vehicles at discounted prices despite a sharp appreciation of the dollar and the yen as many prospec...

2 min read

Singer Sri Lanka, Abans margins could weaken further: Fitch

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka's new import regulations to defend a falling rupee could weaken cash flows and margins of...

3 min read

Sri Lanka's 'permit' moratorium could cut $210mn vehicle imports

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka's moratorium on tax slashed 'permits' to politicians and state worker could reduce or shift an e...

2 min read

Sri Lanka halts tax free vehicles for ruling class to protect rupee

Sri Lanka has stopped the imports of tax free cars for members of the elected ruling class and state workers for one yea...

2 min read

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Sri Lanka controls imports in 'Nixon-shock' move to protect soft-pegged rupee

Sri Lanka slapped a series of import restrictions on vehicles, consumer durables and perfumes in a Nixon-shock style mov...

3 min read

Sri Lanka to conduct awareness programmes on trade policy, FTAs

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka will conduct awareness programmes on trade policy and free trade agreements for trade unions, bu...

1 min read

Sri Lanka ex-President blames free trade for rupee fall, praises Trump

Sri Lanka's ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa blamed freer trade under Sri Lanka's current administration and praised Presi...

3 min read

Sri Lanka rupee closes marginally higher with intervention

Sri Lanka's rupee ended around 168.50/70 to the US dollar marginally up from 168.65/169.00 to the dollars a day earlier,...

1 min read

Bengal businesses scout for trade, investment prospects in Sri Lanka

ECONOMYNEXT – A team of Indian businessmen from Kolkata, West Bengal, are in Sri Lanka looking for trade and inve...

1 min read

Sri Lankan exporters can get govt funds for market studies

ECONOMYNEXT – The Sri Lankan government can give funds for market studies for exporters looking to enter new mark...

2 min read

Sri Lanka slaps 100-pct LC margins on car imports amid rupee fall

Sri Lanka has slapped a 100 percent margin required on import letters for credit for vehicle imports as the rupee fell t...

2 min read

Sri Lanka trade policy catalyst for growth: economist

Sri Lanka's national trade policy sets out goals to reform the tariff regime and improve trade facilitation for both exp...

5 min read

Sri Lanka business leaders cry for protection

Top business leaders made a rousing call to sell goods at high prices, taking cover behind import tax barriers erected w...

7 min read

India, Sri Lanka urged to be more open; new trade deal expected in December

India and Sri Lanka are likely to sign a new trade deal by December and both countries should be more open in order to i...

3 min read

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