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Saturday October 23rd, 2021

Sri Lanka worker remittances up 25-pct in July 2020

Sri Lanka's foreign remittances hit a high of 702.1 million US dollars in July 2020, rising 24.9 percent from a year ear...

3 min read

Sri Lanka vehicle registrations plunge 45-pct in August after import controls

Sri Lanka's vehicles registrations fell 45 percent to 17,493 in September 2020 from a year earlier with motorbikes falli...

3 min read

Sri Lanka to start sea cucumber processing factory in Jaffna

Sri Lanka's Suganth Seafood (Pvt) Ltd, will start a 1.3 million US dollar factory to process sea cucumbers for exports, ...

3 min read

Sri Lanka imports fall in July 2020 amid credit contraction, import controls

Sri Lanka's imports fell 24 percent from a year earlier to 1,294 million US dollars in July 2020, central bank data show...

3 min read

Sri Lanka may revise midnight gazette banning palm oil: Minister

Sri Lanka may revise a midnight gazette banning the import of palm oil issued on April 06, cabinet spokesman Minister Ke...

Sri Lanka palm oil ban would push up prices, give profits to those with stocks: Harsha

Sri Lanka's palm oil ban was a 'knee-jerk' reaction that would push up costs for consumers and businesses and would give...

Sri Lanka halts tax free vehicles for ruling class to protect rupee

Sri Lanka has stopped the imports of tax free cars for members of the elected ruling class and state workers for one yea...

2 min read

Sri Lanka controls imports in 'Nixon-shock' move to protect soft-pegged rupee

Sri Lanka slapped a series of import restrictions on vehicles, consumer durables and perfumes in a Nixon-shock style mov...

3 min read

Sri Lanka to conduct awareness programmes on trade policy, FTAs

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka will conduct awareness programmes on trade policy and free trade agreements for trade unions, bu...

1 min read

Sri Lanka ex-President blames free trade for rupee fall, praises Trump

Sri Lanka's ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa blamed freer trade under Sri Lanka's current administration and praised Presi...

3 min read

Sri Lanka rupee closes marginally higher with intervention

Sri Lanka's rupee ended around 168.50/70 to the US dollar marginally up from 168.65/169.00 to the dollars a day earlier,...

1 min read

Bengal businesses scout for trade, investment prospects in Sri Lanka

ECONOMYNEXT – A team of Indian businessmen from Kolkata, West Bengal, are in Sri Lanka looking for trade and inve...

1 min read

Sri Lankan exporters can get govt funds for market studies

ECONOMYNEXT – The Sri Lankan government can give funds for market studies for exporters looking to enter new mark...

2 min read

Sri Lanka slaps 100-pct LC margins on car imports amid rupee fall

Sri Lanka has slapped a 100 percent margin required on import letters for credit for vehicle imports as the rupee fell t...

2 min read

Sri Lanka trade policy catalyst for growth: economist

Sri Lanka's national trade policy sets out goals to reform the tariff regime and improve trade facilitation for both exp...

5 min read

Sri Lanka business leaders cry for protection

Top business leaders made a rousing call to sell goods at high prices, taking cover behind import tax barriers erected w...

7 min read

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India, Sri Lanka urged to be more open; new trade deal expected in December

India and Sri Lanka are likely to sign a new trade deal by December and both countries should be more open in order to i...

3 min read

New laws for Sri Lanka ‘Port City’, but within constitution: Harsha

ECONOMYNEXT – A new financial centre to be built on a Chinese-funded ‘Port City’ reclamation project...

1 min read

Sri Lanka's pharma firms call for depreciation linked price controls

Sri Lanka's pharmaceutical firms, hit by rising costs from currency deprecation are calling for controlled prices to be ...

7 min read

Sri Lanka using FTAs in multi-party system is courageous: Aussie Expert

Using free trade agreements as the key tool of reform in a multi-party political system is a bold move, an Australian ex...

3 min read

Sri Lanka could gain from US-China trade war

Sri Lanka could get more manufacturing investment as economic tensions between the US and China grow, and companies try ...

2 min read

Sri Lanka migrant workers in Korea trained on entrepreneurship - Corrected

Sri Lanka's embassy in Seoul, and Colombo-based Hatton National Bank had trained migrant workers in several cities in So...

1 min read

Chinese companies flee overseas to avoid US tariffs

A growing number of Chinese companies are adopting a crafty way to evade US President Donald Trump's tariffs: remove the...

4 min read

Sri Lanka's Heladiv set up US unit to market tea

HVA Foods Plc, a Sri Lanka based company known for its Heladiv branded ready-to-drink tea, said it has opened a unit in ...

2 min read

Sri Lanka, Kenya build business ties, seek to exploit strategic locations

ECONOMYNEXT- Sri Lanka and Kenya can mutually benefit through closer business ties due to their strategic locations, a j...

2 min read

Sri Lanka would lose out if Singapore FTA is abandoned: Trade Expert

Sri Lanka would face reputational damage and outward flight of investments if it leaves the Singapore free trade agreeme...

4 min read