Enterprise Sri Lanka credit grows to Rs79bn

ECONOMYNEXT – Loans under Enterprise Sri Lanka subsidized credit has totaled 79 billion rupees to 46,673 recipients since the program started in June 21, 2018, the finance ministry said.

By the end June 21, 2018 state and private banks had given 39,000 loans under the scheme for which 5,250 million rupees of interest subsidy had been paid.

In 2019, 6,100 million rupees had been allocated for interest subsidies.

The finance ministry said 20,286 loans had been given for housing under a scheme called ‘Sonduru Piyasa’. Another 2,258 loans had been given under the ‘Jaya Isura; also for housing.

For farmers 17,484 ‘Ran Aswenna’ agricultural loans and 3,374 ‘Govi Navoda’ loans had been given.

For solar energy 1,339 loans had been given under a scheme called ‘Rivi Bala’. Media persons had been given 661 loans under Madya Aruna.

Under an Enterprise Sri Lanka mobile service 1,327 persons had been registered for loans in Weligama. (Colombo/Mar31/2019)

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