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Experts for policymaking, not politicians – Sajith

Presidential candidate of New Democratic Front (NDF) Sajith Premadasa said that under his Government the process of policymaking will be given to specialists and experts in order to generate a positive outcome to the country.

Addressing the University Professionals Forum (UPF) at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute (SLFI) today (11), Premadasa said that only policies based on national interest will be implemented in the future.

“While rational systems of policymaking are the order of the day, we have seen with successive administrations the tendency to resort to inefficient policymaking methodologies that have ultimately resulted in policy programmes that are to the detriment to the country and people. Therefore, it is our intention to ensure that specialists, experts of respective policy areas are used as a catalyst in making the decision-making process efficient which would consequently result in sound prescriptions,” he said

Commenting further, Premadasa said that he will sign international and other agreements only if Sri Lanka receives a comparative advantage.

“International trade and security agreements are important. But from every agreement, our country should receive a comparative advantage. What is benefiting our motherland? That should be the single most standard which we have to follow in arriving at decisions with regard to international acts and agreements,” Premadasa added.

Meanwhile addressing the gathering, Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Patali Champika Ranawaka said that the present government has established people’s freedom.

“We attained to establish freedom of expressing opinions. We have to think whether a country where there are no protests, is always a prosperous country. It might also indicate that there is no freedom. Our candidate is Sajith Premadasa who was born as a Minister’s son. He was educated in England and America but he was someone who went to Hambantota from America. SLPP candidate went to America from Hambantota. Our candidate has lived among common people but their candidate hasn’t even been a member of a Pradhesiya Sabha,” Ranawaka said.

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