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Eye Donation Society International Award

E.M.H.B. Moragaswewa and Wijitha Manamperi representatives of the Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society received the Rehabilitation International (RI) award for Outstanding Achievements in Moscow last week. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press release.

Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society is a non-governmental organization founded by the inaugural president of the society Dr. Hudson Silva. He launched the first campaign to collect corneas in Sri Lanka in 1958. 

The Eye Donation Society maintains the Sri Lanka International Eye Bank and Sri Lanka Model Human Tissue Bank, which is one of the largest in the world and donates human eyes and tissues for transplantation both in Sri Lanka and around the world.

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador in Moscow Dr Dayan Jayatilleka participated as one of the presenters of the RI 2019 Award to the Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society for Outstanding Achievements in Rehabilitation and for “bringing light to many in need”.

The Ceremony was held in Metropol Hotel, Moscow was attended by representatives of the international community including UN agencies, government departments, international disability organizations as well as private sectors who are committed to disability affairs. 

The ceremony was followed by a Gala dinner and performance of China’s Disabled People’s Art Troupe of visually impaired musicians and hearing-impaired dancers.

China’s Disabled People’s Art Troupe of visually impaired musicians and hearing-impaired dancers/MFA handout.

Ambassador Jayatilleka attended the Awarding Ceremony at the invitation of the President of the Rehabilitation International Zhang Haidi, China Disabled Persons’ Federation, All-Russia Society of the Disabled and Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Russia.

Rehabilitation International was founded in 1922 and now it has become a global organization that empowers people with disabilities, advances people’s rights across the world and provides sustainable solutions towards achieving a more inclusive society for them.

Moreover, Maria Fernanda Espinosa was also awarded for Outstanding Achievements in Innovation, she is an Ecuadorian politician and diplomat, “for her innovative work in advancing the rights of persons with disabilities globally”.  





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