FactCheck – Sri Lanka President spreading false view of Supreme Court ruling: legislator

ECONOMYNEXT  – Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena is spreading a false view on a Supreme Court ruling claiming that the country’s highest court halted a general election, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna legislator Vijitha Herath told parliament.

"Nowhere in court ruling is an election mentioned," Herath said during a debate on the abolition of Sri Lanka’s executive presidency.

"Now a false view is being built. I saw Mahinda Rajapakas also saying this.

"The court has not said any such thing in the ruling. In this 88-page Supreme Court judgment nowhere has it been said that there should be no vote."

Courts ruled against an illegal dissolution of parliament, which was against the constitution, he said.

A 19th amendment to the constitution barred the President from dissolving parliament until the lapse of 4.5 years after the election. The parliament can dissolve itself by itself if there was no majority to carry on an administration.

Herath said court has ruled clearly that the dissolution gazette has violated the right to equal treatment of citizens as well as their voting rights.

Herath said people voted the parliament of representative for five years.

"No single individual had been given the power to rob that right anywhere," he said.

Constitutions were built in Western states to restrain the arbitrary exercise of power including by a simple majority of parliament and serves and a restraint an armed state expanding the freedom of the unarmed citizens. (Colombo/Dec18/2018)





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