Final decision about O/L exams by December 10 – GL

ECONOMYNEXT- The final decision on the dates of the O/L examinations will be taken by 10 December depending on the resumption of schools in the Western Province and other isolated areas, Education Minister Prof G.L. Peiris said.

Speaking to reporters today, he said that if it is decided to hold the examinations as previously planned them the ministry will be flexible in preparing the exam papers depending on how much of the syllabus has been covered.

He said this was following examples such as the UK which tried that flexibility in their exams which were held during the pandemic.

The Minister said that although e-learning methods are introduced to cover the syllabus for students, it is not a complete solution as it is required for the students to meet the teachers face-to-face for certain activities.

Further, he said that if the government continues to close down the schools it will mean shutting down the lives of the students and added that ministry will take decision on the resumptions of schools based only in two factors, the assurance of the health and safety of the students and their future.

Also, he said that when the decision was made to go ahead with A/L exams, it was a difficult decision to make at that time as many criticized the decision by the government, “but we had the courage to conduct those exams. Later the parents praised us for the decision,” he added.

Moreover, he said that by yesterday only 51pct of students and 82pct of teachers have attended schools island-wide.

G.C.E. O/L examinations are currently scheduled to be held 18 – 27 January 2021. (Colombo/Nov26/2020)

Reported by Imesh Ranasinghe





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  1. How do one project that postponement of the GCE OL examination once again would help beat the Covid situation in the country. Imagine the predicament if the govt delayed the GCE AL and Scholarship exams further/beyond October 2020!

    Now, what is the guarantee that even if the schools are reopen that children will come to school, especially the candidates who are due to sit the 2020 exam?

    Next, who can assure that teachers would come and do a productive 6 hour teaching schedule for GCE OL students? Ask this question 100 times over till you are clear.

    Let proper senses prevail with our decision makers without succumbing to pressure groups!

    Please note and be aware that children have been with books since March 2020 now for more than nine months, they achieved their syllabus targets by August/September 2020 and don’t forget they also had 7.30 am – 3.30 pm school sessions from June to October 2020

    So what more, please have the GCE OL on the already postponed dates, 18th to 28th January 2021 and ensure the children get on with their lives

    Do not allow Covid to take the better of our younger generation!

  2. It’s 100% true “e-learning methods are introduced to cover the syllabus for students, it is not a complete solution”

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