Final result by tomorrow evening – Deshapriya

Sri Lankans will know who their next President will be by 6pm tomorrow, the Chairman of the National Elections Commission Mahinda Deshapriya says.

He told reporters at a press briefing held at the Information Department in Colombo this evening Nov 16, that the results would start trickling in by midnight tonight.

“We should have around a third of the 182 results in by 6 am tomorrow,” he said as the 22 Postal Vote results should be completed by then.

“If we don’t have any untoward incidents we should be able to swear in a new President tomorrow evening,” he said. “The party count should be completed by then.”

He said he could not say how much longer it will take if no candidate gets the magic 50 percent plus one to emerge a first-round winner and officials will have to count preferential votes. “I cannot predict that,” he said.

Deshapriya said that this election was the most violence-free election held in Sri Lanka. He thanked the Police, the political party leaders and the citizenry for the peaceful conduct of the poll.

The two biggest incidents were the shooting and stoning of buses carrying voters from Puttlam to Mannar in the early hours of this morning and a stabbing incident where a voter was attacked with a broken bottle in Deraniyagala. “There were no injuries reported in the shooting incident as they were trying to shoot at the tires,” he said. The person suspected of the bottle attack has been arrested, he added.

The Centre for Monitoring Election violence reported the following incident as well:

  • Supporters of United National Party (UNP) minister Raweendra Samaraweera assaulted two SLPP supporters near Ohiya railway station in Haputale at around 12:30pm. SLPP supporters + one of their spouses have been admitted to Boralanda hospital for treatment for their injuries.

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