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Monday October 18th, 2021

Sri Lanka's Senkadagala Finance 'BBB+(lka)' rating confirmed, outlook stable

The firm had made provisions and reported lower than industry NPLs

3 min read

Sri Lanka central bank recognizes Lanka Rating Agency

Capital requirements are calculated on ratings

3 min read

Sri Lanka slaps 100-pct LC margin to discourage consumer imports amid money printing

Chocolates, spaghetti, apple juice, wine, oats, soya milk, dairy goods, lipsticks, carpets, coats anoraks

3 min read

Sri Lanka extends Coronavirus debt moratorium till December 31

Capital and interest to be rolled over T-Bill + 1

3 min read

Sri Lanka Central Bank issues circular on Stage III Covid linked bad loans

Banks with the approval of the Board of Directors were asked to set guidelines for loan impairment.

Sri Lanka lifts price control on T-bills in key stability move

The controls had been in place from April 2020 and had had driven liquidity injections and reserve losses

Sri Lanka's NDB gets US$75mn from US for women oriented lending

Credit line from United States International Development Finance Corporation

1 min read

Sri Lanka government bank overdraft soars to Rs620bn

By July window borrowings were also up

3 min read

Sri Lanka has imposed rules on banks buying sovereign bonds to manage risks: Central Bank

Limits on dollar borrowings

2 min read

Sri Lanka Fitch rated banks fare better than expected, bad loans 9.1-pct

Expects bad loans to rise to 10.5 percent by year end

3 min read

Sri Lanka top banks has high exposure to sovereign debt, past haircuts have averaged 37-pct: Fitch

"The exposure of Fitch-rated banks to the sovereign was 39-pct of assets and 471 percent of equity as at end-2020"

2 min read

Sri Lanka private credit grows in May, state credit picks up

Private credit grows by over Rs55bn in April and May

1 min read

Sri Lanka banks that borrow to buy sovereign bonds face increased risk: Fitch

Refinancing risks are elevated

4 min read

Sri Lanka banks to provide essential services during Covid-19 lockdown: Central Bank

Publish notices informing the general public how essential banking services can be obtained

2 min read

Sri Lanka's private banks close amid COVID-19 lockdown; online services to continue

Banks have advised consumers to use 24-hour online services for their urgent banking needs

Mahadiya Hamza

1 min read

Kenneth de Zilwa appointed Chairman of Lanka Clear

Central Bank Governor W D Lakshman had appointed de Zilwa for a period of three years

1 min read

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Sri Lanka money printing, state credit reduces in April

Central bank credit to government fell 21.7 billion rupees in March to 1,070 billion rupees

1 min read

Sri Lanka central bank announces credit relief for third Coronavirus wave

Outstanding loans could be extended for T-bill plus 1

4 min read

Sri Lanka central bank looking at third wave credit relief: Deputy Governor

Discussion are progressing with lenders

Chanka Jayasinghe

3 min read

Sri Lanka all-in-one Transit Card on track: LankaClear

The card could be used at ATMs, POS machines bus and rail

2 min read

Sri Lanka residents who earn abroad allowed to maintain foreign bank accounts

Sri Lanka residents who have worked abroad, and individuals or firms providing services to foreigners can now open accou...

4 min read

Sri Lanka to set up state-run Youth Start up fund, loan guarantee fund: Namal

Sri Lanka will set up a state-run Youth Startup Fund and a Guarantee Fund to help young entrepreneurs get capital, Minis...

Imesh Ranasinghe

1 min read

Sri Lanka raises finance company forex borrowing ceiling

Sri Lanka's central bank said it is raising the foreign borrowing limit of licensed finance companies (LFCs) to 20 to pe...

3 min read

Sri Lanka extends bar on banks buying sovereign bonds till April 23

Sri Lanka has extended a ban on commercial banks and the National Savings Bank buying sovereign bonds till April 23.

1 min read

Sri Lanka's Standard Chartered Bank 'AAA(lka)' rating confirmed: Fitch

Fitch Ratings has confirmed a 'AAA(lka)' rating of Sri Lanka's Standard Chartered Bank branch amid a rise in bad loans b...

4 min read

Most Sri Lanka Covid-19 moratorium debt recovering, about 20-pct under stress: regulator

A majority of borrowers given in Sri Lanka given a debt under moratorium given as relief during the Coronavirus have beg...

2 min read