Follower of Sri Lanka’s Zaharan arrested in Singapore

ECONOMYNEXT – A follower of Sri Lanka suicide bomber Zaharan Hashim, who had also given funds, has been arrested in Singapore along with another man for allegedly attempting to join Islamic State, a Pan-Nationalist extremist group based in Syria.

The interior ministry said a 36-year-old money-changer,

Kuthubdeen Haja Najumudeen, a 36-year old money changer had been arrested in May. Another man, a 47-year-old former delivery assistant, Suderman Samikin had been detained this month.

"Investigations established that they were radicalised and had harboured the intention to make their way to Syria to join the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria," AFP, a news agency quoted Singapore’s the ministry as saying.

Singapore had said Haja was a follower of Zahran Hashim, the leader of an extremist Islamist group in Sri Lanka who died along with a follower in a suicide bombing of Colombo’s Shangri-La hotel in April.

Two other hotels and three churches were attacked at the same time, killing over 250 people.

He donated funds to Zahran and his group, though investigators did not find any indication that he was involved in the attacks, the ministry said.

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