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Fonseka accuses group of UNPers of preventing party reorganization

Parliamentarian Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka said that there is a group of about 10-12 people in the UNP who does not want the leadership to change and party to reorganise.

They want to take it forward as it is for their own benefits.

Speaking to the media after attending an event in Horana this morning (28 Dec), Fonseka said that this group is not thinking about the future of the party or the country but only seek ways of safeguarding their positions within the party.

He went on to say that as there is a huge conflict in the UNP about the leadership, the party should be reorganized and its image should completely change in order secure victories in the future and win the confidence of the people.

In fact, he said all the positions in the leadership should change in order to win the confidence of the people as not all in those positions are skilled.

He also added that Ranil Wickremesinghe has already told him twice that he is not going to contest in the upcoming general elections and so there is no problem in handing the party leadership to Sajith Premadasa.

Also commenting on the arrest of former minister Rajitha Senaratne, Fonseka said that the camp in which MP Senaratne was in and supported when they ordered his arrest in 2010 has now done the same thing to him, “it is the symbol of Rajapaksa politics,” he added.

He also said that although they consistently told the people about the Rajapaksas’ at the election stage the people did not believe us, “people in this country have a very short memory they forget what happened beyond the past five years,” he said

Fonseka also warned that this was just the beginning and in one years time all the things that happened in the past will start to happen again.





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