Former captain wants cricket in Sri Lanka overhauled

Arjuna Ranatunga wants Sri Lanka cricket overhauled

ECONOMYNEXT- Arjuna Ranatunga is calling for a complete overhaul of Sri Lankan Cricket after the side lost its fourth test match on the trot at Galle against the touring England side.

Ranatunga who led Sri Lanka to World Cup victory 15 years ago, told a Television interview that the entire cricket system in the country should be changed in order to bring back the side to its former levels.

Fans are disappointed and calling for changes after the four losses against South Africa and England in the last one month, he said.

Speaking to Sirasa TV yesterday, Ranatunga said that current players and Cricket administrators have no shame in losing a match.

“When we were playing, we felt ashamed and sad when we lost a match, we had to think about the 20 million people at that time in Sri Lanka,” he added.

But he said that only the players cannot be blamed for the condition of cricket in the country today and added that applying small plasters in order to change cricket will not help anymore.

“It should be changed completely and renewed, today we have come to a point where cricket should be started afresh,” Ranatunga said.

So he said small changes such as changing the manager, select committee or removing one or two players will not help anymore.

Further, he said that it was the cricket administration which created the first disaster as it came in the hands of unsuitable people who created a vote base with about bout 27 first-class clubs to vote for the election of officer bearers in Sri Lanka Cricket Board.

“They have given jobs to people who had come to vote for the election, which is bribery, so when the administration is doing the wrong things then it is normal for the players also to follow suit,” he added.





“When considering the players when we were playing the first test match only Rs 250 paid for per day and since we lost the match on the fourth day they did not give the Rs 250 for the last day, We could not even ask for that, we felt ashamed,” he said,

He also said that it is a good thing to pay for the players but it was the cricket administration which started the culture where players play cricket prioritizing money.

“Those days the with the allowance they give us to eat for the day, we could not eat from a hotel, we go to some small place to eat, we started getting at least something after 1996. So the players should think when so many things are given to them whether the things they are doing is enough and should look at whether the players have enough dedication,” the former test captain said.

“Even today if we train Sanath or Aravinda for two or three days, we can chase the two spinners from England without any problem, they are the worst two spinners I have ever seen. Those days we didn’t even have a batting coach Sanath was batting and Aravinda and I were coaching them from behind. Today players are fighting, their wives are shouting, the discipline is gone, if we look they are on Facebook and Twitter, cricket has become a business in this country” he said.

He also said that managers of individual players are another thing that is affecting the players as they push and force the players to do some things.

Moreover, he said that current batting coach Grant Flower who played during his time did not have a proper technique. There are masters in the technique in this country

“I am against bringing coaches from abroad, if we don’t have it’s okay, bringing physiotherapists is okay but what we should do is bring a trainer and train our trainers,” he added (Colombo/Jan27/2021)

Reported by Imesh Ranasinghe

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