Former top sleuth Shani Abeysekara allegedly planted evidence – Police spokesman

Former CID Director Shani Abeysekara

ECONOMYNEXT- Former CID Director SSP Shani Abeysekara was arrested this morning by the Colombo Crime Division (CCD) for allegedly creating false evidence relating to a case against former DIG Vass Gunawardane and several other people, Police said.

Police Media Spokesman SSP Jaliya Senaratne told reporters in Colombo today July 31 that the incident related to investigations which had been conducted in 2013 when the CID received a complaint that several people including former DIG Vass Gunawardena had used weapons to commit crimes which they kept in their possession.

Senaratne said that based on the investigations done regarding the complaint the CID had arrested a total of 8 people including the wife, son and a relative of the former DIG Gunawardane and was presented before the courts.

Former CID Director and other 2 investigation officers at the CID had found the weapons relating to the complaint in a shed of a house in Kalagedihena, Gampaha following a statement by a Police Inspector who was arrested by the CID regarding the case.

Upon presenting the weapons to the Gampaha Magistrate Courts the two CID officers and the owner of the house in which the shed was located and his wife testified before the Magistrate regarding the finding of the weapons.

The weapons include six T-56 assault rifles, a revolver, two pistols, 11 used 9mm bullet casings, 303 8.5 mm bullets, 215 7.62 mm bullets, 4 0.38 mm bullets, 4 12 Bore guns and a few other weapons.

But in presenting further reports on this matter to the courts the magistrate has ordered to name the two officers and the couple as suspects and present them to the courts.

After that based on the advice by the Attorney General, the two police officers were arrested on June 1 and 2 this year and was presented before the courts, the owner of the house and his wife also presented before the courts on June 11.

Later when the facts were presented to the AG about the incident it was decided to release those 4 suspects as those suspects had said to the courts when they were presented that the former CID director has brought the weapons at that instance and placed them in the shed and had presented them as they were found at that moment.

Based on giving a statement which was different from the first instance before the Magistrate the acting IGP instructed the CCD on June 24 to launch an investigation into it.





After a detail investigation by the CCD, they had found out that these weapons were found in a different way than mentioned in the first instance before the Magistrate and they had allegedly fake their findings and presented them to the courts, Senaratne said.

The Police Spokesman said that CCD is currently recording a statements from the Former CID Director and he would be produced before the Gampaha Magistrate Court later. (Colombo/July31/2020)


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