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Forty billion rupees to create new ID regime

The country will invest Rs 40 billion to bring in an integrated system to ensure Sri Lankan will not have ways to obtain false identification documents, a government Minister said today.

Home and Internal affairs Minister Vajira Abeywardene is saying that the country needs to “raise the money to get the right technology, not buy what we can afford.”

False identities caused two of the Easter Sunday attackers to have the same ID card number with two different  names, he said.

“For instance, Makundure Madush has submitted all legal documents and obtained a passport with a false name,” the Minister said.

Abeywardene said the Treasury loses billions because of false identities.

He went on to say that “ever since the April 21 attacks some groups in the country have made an organised attempt to create a dangerous anarchic situation.”

“They have tried to spread fear in the country. After the Easter bombing, we lost our place as the most desired tourist destination. We were able to bring it there and we will bring it back. I promise that this government will bring back tourism to its former position by Juky this year.

“All the party leaders have pledged to help the government in this regard but some of the followers have not done so.

“We are happy to note this Vesak was celebrated without the entertainment aspect but within the guidelines that the Prime Minister and the Mahanayake Theros gave the country.

“The greater Sri Lankan Muslim community has been under therate from extremist groups since 2006.





“These moderates have complained the United Nations and other bodies that their preferred way of worship has been threatened.

“Even some of their mosques were attacked by extremists. This is something that the people of this country should understand.

“In the past few days there have been unfortunate incidents which has threatened the stability of the country.

“We unreservedly condemn these attacks

“We as a government recognise the right of all minorities to live in this country,” the Minister said.

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