Four countries soften travel advisories to Sri Lanka

Four countries have now softened their travel advisories to Sri Lanka urging travelers to be extremely cautious and responsible for their personal safety.

India, Germany China and Switzerland are the countries that have lifted the travel ban.

Significantly India is the biggest source of tourists to Sri Lanka.

“Security situation in Sri Lanka is gradually returning to normal with the lifting of curfew & restrictions on social media and the opening of schools,” India’s foreign ministry said.

“Indian nationals travelling to Sri Lanka are advised to be careful and vigilant.”

On April 27, India asked nationals not to undertake non-essential travel to Sri Lanka.u

Britain, the US and other countries had also warned against non-essential travel and had evacuated women and children.

Despite direct appeals from President Maithripala Sirisena who told envoys “Sri Lanka is 99 percent safe,” the US, the European Union and the United Kingdom are yet to lift the ban.,

The UK, US, the EU and Canada are the source of high rate tourists.

The Swiss travel advisory contains strict warnings to travelers.

A posting on the Swiss Foreign office website says “the political and social tensions (in Sri Lanka) are high and they can trigger violent clashes at any time and throughout the country. It is to be expected that the political situation will remain tense until the national legislative elections in December 2019.”

There is a risk of terrorist attacks throughout the country,” it adds.





The website also warns that it is not safe for women, particularly foreign women to travel alone as there is widespread sexual violence.

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