Four dead in Washington violence – Police

ECONOMYNEXT – At least four people are dead in the violent incidents seen in the United States capital Washington where the legislative building was stormed by supporters of President Donald Trump, yesterday local police said.

Foreign Media quoted police as saying one woman died of gunshot injuries and three others of what was described as “medical emergencies.”

The crowd attacked the Capitol building housing the country’s twin legislatures where lawmakers were certifying the victory of Joe Biden over Trump in last November’s election after attending a rally where the President and his supporters egged them on.

The protestors, interviewed by CNN and CBS News said they were “proud” to be associated in the incident and said they considered themselves patriots who were saving the country.

They appear convinced that Trump won the election and it was “stolen” from them.

Trump’s legal challenges asking various courts to overturn the result have failed.

Meanwhile, Police and National Guard troops have locked down the Capitol as legislators who had been evacuated returned and resumed the certification of the result, normally a formality after the Electoral College is chosen.

Many leading figures have condemned the actions of the President and around the world, the US’s allies have expressed shock and horror at the incidents.

The US which former President Ronald Reagan used to call the beacon of democracy has not seen a storming of the Capitol in this manner in more than a century. (Colombo, January 7, 2021)

Reported by Arjuna Ranawana





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