France to help Sri Lanka build mini dairy network

ECONOMYNEXT – France will give a 13.9 million Euro concessional loan to Sri Lanka to build six hi tech mini dairies which can process up to 4,500 litres of milk a day, the Finance Ministry said.

The mini dairies with computerized monitoring will be able to produce homogenized pasteurized and sterilized milk. They will be operated with diary co-operatives.

A French non-profit organization will also provide technical assistance to farmers to improve breeding.

Sri Lanka has excessively expensive dairy products due to following a nationalist self-sufficiency goal in milk and high guaranteed prices given to farmers.

Some members of Sri Lanka’s elected ruling class who import luxury BMW’s and SUVs without paying tax lambastes consumers for spending ‘valuable foreign exchange’ to import milk.

Despite high prices, milk consumption has risen among the people, with rising incomes and lower unemployment partly due to migrant workers in the Middle East. (Colombo/Dec27/2017)

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