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From today you can be jailed or fined for breaking Covid prevention guidelines

WRONG WAY – Both rider and Security Guard should be wearing the mask in this interaction

ECONOMYNEXT-The Health Department’s guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid 19 has become law through regulations Gazetted by the Minister of Health Pavithra Wanniarachchi, her ministry announced today.

From now on all the guidelines are enforceable by law, and violators can be fined or imprisoned, Wanniarachchi said in a statement issued to media a short while ago.

She said that under the new gazette wearing a face mask and maintaining social distancing in public places has been made compulsory.

“The Gazette will turn all the procedures that should be followed in public places, business places and workplaces to prevent and control COVID-19 into laws,” she added.

The statement indicates some of the procedures that should be followed in businesses and workplaces which have been made into laws through the new gazette.

Accordingly, in all establishments, it has been made compulsory to wear a face mask, wash the hands, check the temperatures, and maintain a record of everyone who enters the business or the workplace.

The gazette also says the business or workplace should not admit any more than a prescribed number of people into the building at a given time.

Moreover, the Health Minister said that the new gazette will further strengthen the laws which already existed about restricting movements, quarantine and transportation.

The violators of the regulations that will be issued in the new gazette will be subjected to fines that is not less than Rs 10,000 or 6-month imprisonment or both.

You can download the Regulations here:
Covid 19 Regulations Gazette






Reported by Imesh Ranasinghe

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