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Gammanpila admitted he sold Aussie investor’s shares – Witness

The Colombo High Court heard a witness today July 24 asserting that MP Udaya Gammanpila had sold all the shares of a company belonging to an Australian National worth Rs 20 million using a fraudulent Power of Attorney and given the proceeds to another person in an affidavit filed with a Fundamental Rights application.

The witness, Indivara Perera was being cross-examined by Defense Counsel Shavendra Fernando PC in the trial of Gammanpila who is charged with defrauding the Australian investor Brian Shaddik.

Gammanpila, the witness said had said, gave the money from the sale to Sidney Jayasinghe.

The witness added that according to the affidavit filed in that FR petition, Jayasinghe had also stated that he had received money from Gammanpila but he has no recollection as to what happened to the money due to his age.

This transpired during the cross-examination when the witness was questioned as to how he came to be aware of the shares and assets of Australian national Shaddik.

In a series of questions, Fernando PC who appeared for Gammanpila attempted to establish that the witness was lying under oath as he was uncertain about the time of his tenure with a company called Amsro Lanka Pvt Ltd. 

The witness was of the view that he had worked for this Amsro Lanka Pvt Ltd which had no connection with Shaddik but was aware that the investor had interests in several other companies as he had invested on them.

Further trial has been fixed for October 8, 2019 by High Court Judge R. Gurusinghe as the defense Counsel had difficulty in continuing the cross-examination at the afternoon.

The case filed against Pivithuru Hela Urumaya (PHU) leader Gammanpila over a fraudulent share transaction has been re-fixed for July 05 by the Colombo High Court.

MP Gammanpila has been accused of forging the signature of an Australian national in order to prepare a legal document to sell shares belonging to Shaddik’s company 19 years ago.





Subsequently, he is reported to have misappropriated funds amounting up to Rs. 20 million between September 26, 1996, and September 21, 1997.

The Attorney General had included the charges of breach of trust, financial misappropriation and aiding and abetting a fraudulent deal under the Penal Code.

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