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Germany’s Friedrich Naumann Foundation resume work in Sri Lanka

ECONOMYNEXT – Germany’s Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) said it will return to Sri Lanka from early 2016 following, after change in political developments.

The charity quoted director Manfred Richter has saying that decision to resume projects in Sri Lanka was made after ‘encouraging political developments’ in Sri Lanka.

"We are delighted to resume our work with our many Sri Lankan friends and partners and assist in strengthening liberal democracy, human rights and the market economy", Regional Director, Ronald Meinardus said in a statement.

FNF is an international non-profit organization that promotes ideas of liberal democracy, respect for human rights, rule of law and economic freedom in more than 60 countries.

FNF has been in Sri Lanka from 1968 but was forced to suspend its projects in late 2013 following the persecution of its local staff and partners, the foundation said.

Earlier this year, the Sri Lankan government had formally invited FNF to resume activities in the country.

Political analysts say Germany is one of the countries that was battered most by nationalism, which culminated in the coming into power of National Socialist Party in the in first half of the last century after the urban intelligentsia spread nationalist ideas defeating liberalism and equality.

The National Socialist administered a system where minorities including Jews and Gypsies were systematically discriminated by a post-feudal nation-state built on ethno-religious lines.

Before nationalism was spread in society from around 1860 onwards and a centralized state was built, the area which was originally made up for a series of city states was famed for being a land ‘of poets and musicians’ where freedom was kindled in Europe. After World War II, Germany once again became an example of freedom to the world.






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