GMOA wants incentives for health staff battling Coronavirus

Secretary of the Government Medical Officers’ Association Haritha Aluthge is asking the government to give incentives to encourage the doctors and medical staff working with patients with Coronavirus.

Aluthge told EconomyNext that it is not necessary for the incentive to be financial but it could take the form of a letter of appreciation or recognition of their services to the nation which could go in their personnel files.

He added that except for the doctors all the other staff working at the IDH hospital are being paid an incentive for the risk they are taking in working with the patients infected with Coronavirus.

He went on to say that the GMOA has given a set of proposals to the Health Ministry out of which one is to provide the required minimum facilities to the doctors and medical staff to work in preventing and identifying the patients infected with Coronavirus effectively.

For example, he said there is a space problem at the health desk in the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) while other problems such as a shortage of protective instruments such as face masks and laboratory facilities should be addressed immediately.

Aluthge said that the Ministry would have to allocate four doctors to be posted around the clock at the BIA away from their usual jobs and an incentive would encourage them to offer their services.

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  1. First treat the patients then ask for incentives, otherwise go on hunger strike bloody fool, first do the service to the nation.

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