Gnanasara thero of Sri Lanka appears suddenly on the side of angels

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Galagoda Atte Gnanasara Thero, a Buddhist nationalist, has suddenly appeared on the side of angels slamming a fast by a fellow monk that raised communal tensions while the country’s Catholic Cardinal appeared on the side of the fasting monk.

Athureliye Rathana, a legislator-monk engaged in a fast opposite Sri Lanka’s Temple of the Tooth asking for the resignation of three Muslim politicians including the controversial governor of the island’s Eastern province after Easter Sunday bombings by Islamist extremists.

The fast raised communal tensions, with a Sinhalese nationalist business organization closing shops in Kandy, which was spreading to other towns.

"More than Sinhalese people, it was the traditional Muslims who did most of the work against this mad extremist Muslims," Gnanasara thero, belonging to the Buddhist nationalist Bodu Bala Sena told reporters, taking the country by surprise.

"When you do things like this, these traditional Muslims can also be pushed towards extremism."

"Targeting three empty human forms (hiss panchaskanda) Rathana Hamuduruwo is sitting for a fast. Are these three politicians the problem? Remember that I said this. It is laying the foundations for a big Sinhala – Muslim riot.

"These three politicians are also like ours. Aren’t ours with the underworld, the drug dealers the smugglers? In that case they should also be opposed."

Gnanasara thero said there were Muslim organizations that was spreading an extreme form of religion in Sri Lanka about which, the fasting monk did not speak.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka’s Catholic Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith who had earlier earned widespread praise for his sermon after East Sunday bombings for being based on Christian principles, visited the monk.

Cardinal Ranjith said told reporters the real people who were behind the extremists must be found and he was not satisfied with the investigations of the government and he believed the stance of the fasting monk Rathana thero was correct.





"There has been no investigations on that. There must be special investigations to find these people who are behind the scenes," the Cardinal said in a video published by Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror newspaper.

"The President and Prime Minister must investigate and take the correct decisions. This country is given to politician only for 5 to 6 years, it is not an inheritance for them."

Rathana Thero is part of a nationalist grouping that evangelical churches have charged has contributed to attacks against them in the past.

On Easter Sunday Islamist extremists, believed to have links with the Pan-Nationalist Islamic State based in Syria had suicide bombed two Catholic Church and one evangelical church. (Colombo/June06/2019)

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