Gota allowed to remain overseas till 24 July; medical report in secure vault

The Permanent High Court Trial-at-Bar hearing the controversial D. A. Rajapaksa Memorial case today granted former Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa permission to remain in Singapore till 24 July for medical treatment.

President’s Counsel Ali Sabry, representing Rajapaksa, presented a medical report confirming his client’s heart surgery which had taken place on 31 May in Singapore. No further details were divulged, however, regarding the nature of the surgery.

According to our court reporter, Sabry requested the Court to place Rajapaksa’s medical report in a secure vault where it would not be seen by prying eyes, including those of High Court staff, given that his client’s health is a private matter.

Rajapaksa, according to Sabry, was discharged from hospital in Singapore on 9 June and is required to undergo a recovery period of six weeks. The senior lawyer requested the judges to cancel today’s testimony and issue a new date instead.

The Court, however, decided against cancellation and said Rajapaksa will be recalled on 26 July.

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