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Gota eliminating Z-score jeopardizes students future

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s proposal to eliminate the Z-score will jeopardize the future of many university aspirants.

Speaking at an event in Colombo on Monday, Nov 4, Wickremesinghe said Gotabaya will earn his nick-name as Terminator as this could spell the end of free Higher Education.

The elimination of the Z-score to be replaced by a system guided by the schools is a promise enshrined in Gotabaya’s manifesto. The proposal will introduce a “new scientific method where students will get selected to universities based on schools rather than the district.”

The manifesto states; “In selecting students to State universities, the Z-score is currently determined on a district basis, regardless of the difference in the facilities provided to the main schools as against other schools in the same district which have lesser facilities and teachers. We intend introducing a new scientific method for university admissions based on the school rather than the district,”

Wickremesinghe said if Gotabaya is planning on removing the Z-score he challenged the SLPP candidate to should debate Sajith Premadasa one-on-one and explain how is he going to replace this method.

“Who will hold the exams, is it possible to hold 1000 exams in 1000 schools? Are the schools having separate exams or should a letter from an MP given for admission,” said PM

He also added that the Z-score method does not involve politics as the students will only be selected to university based on their performances at the A/L examinations.

But he said if the Z-score method is removed then there would be political interference, the rise of different forces and also students would have to pay to get university admissions, “Next they would say London A/L students can also get admission to universities,” he added.

He also added that the removing the Z-score method is a massacre which is worse than the Rathupaswala massacre, “there only a few people lost their lives but here future of 200,000 students will be lost annually,”

Wickremesinghe also said that by removing the Z-score method Gotabaya Rajapaksa is removing the main weapon which contributes to equality in society and that its removal will ensure inequity in university admissions.





The Prime Minister also said that no country in the world gives admission to universities based on schools exams or performances, “They will have either a national level exam like in Sri Lanka or like in America the university system will conduct exams,” he added.

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