Gota promises security, quick action, environment for Sri Lanka private sector

ECONOMYNEXT – Gotabaya Rajapaksa, named the candidate for Sri Lanka Podujana Party led by his brother Mahinda Rajapaksa promised an environment for private sector growth and quick implementation of government plans and tight national security.

"I see my candidature as an opportunity given by progressive forces to make a revolutionary change in Sri Lanka’s future," Rajapaksa told a party rally in Colombo, soon after his brother named him as the candidate for upcoming presidential polls as was demanded by his supporters.

"I will build a nation where all people will be able to live without fear. But I will not leave room for extremist terrorism."

He promised not be held back by any constraints and conventions but exceed limits in carrying out duties entrusted to him.

"I was able to bring in investments to change the skyline of Colombo because I was not held back by limits," he said.

He said he will not bow to foreign forces and will uphold Sri Lanka’s sovereignty.

Up to 2014 under Mahinda Chinthana, massive developments had been carried out. It was his task build on that.

"This country needs a man with a vision for the future, plans for development and a person who can implement the plans with discipline," Rajapaksa said.

"We will introduce plans needed for the future, in a globalized world, with the addition of our vision."

He said Sri Lanka’s professional and organizations like Viyathmaga had collected information, and SLPP activists had also collected ideas which will be used.





"We will have people centred economic policy," he said. "There will be new jobs and an environment for private sector."

"Every person will have economic stability."

His government will have strong focus on education reform and human development.

High speed internet will be spread around the country so that young people could transact business from the home.

Roads, rail and infrastructure will be developed so that businesses and factories could be operated from the village instead of coming to the cities.

Sri Lanka will be made into nation at the leading edge of innovation, he said. (Colombo/Aug11/2019)


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