Gota will not be a cruel leader, but a “Terminator” to end corruption – Basil

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) architect Basil Rajapaksa gave a public guarantee today (8) that his brother Gotabaya will not turn into a “darunu naayakayek” or cruel leader as President.

Voters need not be afraid of the former Defence Ministry Secretary’s candidacy in the upcoming presidential election, Rajapaksa told journalists at the Kingsbury hotel this morning. However, the younger Rajapaksa brother didn’t definitively confirm Gotabaya’s candidacy.

He also stressed that he believes the SLPP’s candidate, whose identity will be formally announced on Sunday (11), to be a person with great management skills and democratic qualities.

Asked why he himself could not become the presidential candidate of the SLPP, possessing as he does the required qualifications, Rajapaksa said: “I am not that fortunate.”

The SLPP’s candidate, he said, ought to be a “Terminator” – an apparent reference to the popular film franchise about time-travelling killer robots from the future.

“As a party, we have awaited a candidate who has sound knowledge of technology, someone who has democratic values and a Terminator who can end corruption,” he said, insisting that his brother possesses all of these qualities.

When SLPP forms a government, Rajapaksa went on to say, the party hopes to maintain cordial relations with the international community while safeguarding the sovereignty of the country.

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